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Raku Tengaine-Icon

Raku Tengaine

Japanese: 天涯音楽

ALIAS: Blueloid (A stage name, as he dislikes how formal his name sounds.)
NAME INTERPRETATION: "Raku" means "comfort" or "ease". "Tengai" can mean "canopy", "distant land", "heavenly shores", or "horizon". And "Ne" means "sound". Therefore, it is possible to read the name "Raku Tengaine" as "Sound of a Distant Land's Comfort", "Musical Horizon", or anything along those lines (the name was chosen for it's slight ambiguity)

TYPE: Blueloid
MODEL: UF-77 (UF is from the creators DA group UTAUFurs, and 77 is his favorite number)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE F2-A4 RELATED CHARACTERS Ixbran Ximune (close friend)
Akimori Tellnerin (very close friend)Nukupoid (friend)
Tibbs Buni (close friend)Hana Chikako (possible love interest)

Kasha Hanyou (like a sister)
Jani (is a minion of)

AGE 20 GENRE Undetermined HOMEPAGE DeviantArt
WEIGHT 198 lbs (89.81 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Iced Mocha Latte CREATOR See Hompage

Date of Activation
(Is an Android)
LIKES Iced Mocha Lattes, Hugs, Kind People, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Pork, Most music genres, Friday, Making Friends, Akimori Tellnerin. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE January 25, 2011 DISLIKES Hiphop, Liver, Goose, Duck, Bitter things, Tofu, Trolls, Being sad, Seeing his friends hurt SIGNATURE SONG "Leia"
PERSONALITY: Blueloid is almost NEVER seen without an iced mocha latte in his hand. He has a major crush on Akimori Tellnerin, but is too shy to say anything to him. He shows this in his own way by tackling and hugging Akimori whenever he gets the chance. While Blueloid is quite tall, he is also incredibly shy. He can appear aloof and cold to others, but is, in fact, very loving and compassionate. While he enjoys most music, he despises anything racially- or gender-insensitive. He tends to hold back his own emotions so that others can express themselves a bit more.. He chose the name "Blueloid" because he dislikes how formal his name is. His teacher is Hana Chikako.

Supplemental Information

He was first named Blueloid as an OC of the creator. However, as time passed, he evolved to become the UTAU avatar. Blueloid is an android. He uses the stage name, "Blueloid", because he dislikes how stuffy and formal his name is.

Hair: Ice Blue.
Headgear: Simple headphones.
Eye color: Emerald green.
Earphones: Headphones with no back, and no mic.
Nationality/Species: American/White Tiger


Raku has two designs, a Normal more causal look which is most common for him to have. And the other being more High Tech and Oriental-Esq in design.

Rakus official design, to the left; Simple Black jacket, always left open, with blue hemming. Black pants with grey accents. Very casual and normal looking outfit. He has very bright, yet soft, ice blue hair. his body has no stripes accept what is seen on his tail

Raku alternate design, to the right; A Rave like design with glowing note 'ring' that hovers around the tail, along with a vest that is similar to that of a main-frame-board seen within computers. Power-button & battery themed accessories seen all over it. Hair is silver with light blue streaks. Very high tech and ornate looking outfit. In this costume his body has the stripes typical of a tiger, though instead of black they are a deep-blue in color.

Voice Configuration

He is encoded in Romaji, but also has Hiragana aliases.

Voice Banks

Unnamed VCV

A voice Bank with a stronger tone geared more towards rock is currently being recorded and edited. Release should be ready by February 15

Blueloid VCV

Blueloid VCV is now released! You can download Raku's VCV Voice bank HERE (pass: rakuvcv)

Blueloid ACT 2

No longer in distribution. Please use ACT 3 or his VCV bank.

Blueloid ACT 3

You can download Raku's ACT 3 Voice bank HERE (pass: tengaineraku).

Blueloid SHY

You can download Raku's SHY Voice Bank HERE (pass: rakushy).

MMD Model

Raku MMD

MMD of Raku

Download Raku's MMD Model Here
Password is fluffykitty

Legal Information


The voicer owns all copyright to the names "Blueloid" and "Tengaine Raku/Raku Tengaine".


By downloading this/these voice bank(s), you release the voicer/creator (hereinafter referred to as JC), from any and all liability due to problems with the operation of your system. JC accepts no responsibility for undesired operation, and is not in any way, shape, or form required to reimburse, repair, or otherwise provide service to you. JC may choose to help you in any way he can at his own discretion.

You agree, by downloading this voicebank, not to distribute without express permission in writing from JC. JC reserves the right to revoke this privilege, if given, without reason at any time, with OR without notice.

If you wish to use ANY of Blueloid's voices, current or forthcoming, for commercial purposes, then please contact JC so beforehand so that a contract may be drawn up.


By downloading this model, you release JC from any and all liability due to problems with the operation of your system. JC accepts no responsibility for undesired operation, and is not in any way, shape, or form required to reimburse, repair, or otherwise provide service to you. JC may choose to help you in any way he can at his own discretion.

You may not use this model data for any commercial purposes.

You may not take any parts from this model. Many people worked very hard on this, and to take parts from the model is a direct insult to JC and all people who worked on it.

YOU MAY NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS MODEL. If someone wants the model, simply direct them to JC's YouTube page, TheJXN.

Religious Situations

These are forbidden. However, this shall not apply to well known carols or chants. JC reserves the sole and irrevocable right to declare whether art/music is acceptable according to the terms of this clause.


Please try and keep "questionable" content relatively tame, ok?

Number one Rule!

Just have fun!

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