Ai Rakugaki Ai


Rakugaki Ai

(Japanese: 落書き愛-らくがきあい - Rakugaki Ai)

落書き (RakugakiScribble/Draw)
愛 (AiLove)


GENDER Female VOICE RANGE G#3~A#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Motomi Kiraru (Best Friend)
AGE 16 (official age) GENRE  Pop, Ballad HOMEPAGE UNKNOWN
WEIGHT 40 kg CHARACTER ITEM  Cranberries CREATOR Kylie-Kagamine
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS About 5'1" ft (153 cm) VOICE SOURCE Kylie-Kagamine PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart
BIRTHDAY 19 August (based on when she is released) LIKES Utaites, Books, Pastries, Drawing MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE 19 August, 2013 DISLIKES Insects,Coffee, Bald people, Ghosts, Rumors SIGNATURE SONG Innocence

PERSONALITY: She is very serious but has a happy side. She gets angry very easily and sometimes mistaken to be a tsundere but seriously, she's not one. She always shows her mature side and always hides her childish attitude. She is also known as the Cranberry princess.

She idolizes Nico Nico Singers (Utaite) so much that every music player in her cell phone is full of Utaite covers.

Character Design

Rakugaki Ai LOVE

Hair color: Pink

EyeColor: BRIGHT-Light Blue      

Headphone: none 

Costume: Sailor uniform

Skirt: ​Black with red line on the nottom

Armband: Black with 2 gray lines and one big heart and her model number "RA016" on it.    

Feet: black                                               

Nationality: Japanese-Filiipino

Voice Configuration

Rakugaki Ai [ACT1]

Other Related Characters

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