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Ran Kitsune

Ran Kitsune UTAUloid

Ran: No special meaning, a Japanese name; Kitsune: Fox


Kriss Futarine (obsessive crush!), Shadoo (enemy), Yuzuki Yukari (idol), Ranyo Kitsune (brother/genderbend), Viv (friend), Trivy Sankakukei (friend), Yalazo (friend), KANASHII (friend)

AGE 14 (but she seems much younger sometimes)
CHARACTER ITEM Smartphone, Blackcurrant lolly CREATOR Espeona Wulf
BIRTHDAY 24th of May LIKES Kriss Futarine, stalking him, blackcurrant lollies, the game "Yandere Simulator" Websites: Instagram


DISLIKES Other girls who are hanging out with Kriss, being away from him, bitter tasted food SIGNATURE SONG Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance (Stalker) (of the CV) Kuro Ageha (of the VCV) Antibeat (of the CVVC) Avenir (of the French CV) Dors mon Ange (of the French CVVC)
PERSONALITY: She's a Yandere with an obsessive crush on FRAloid Kriss Futarine. She stalks him 24 hours a day and will do EVERYTHING to become his girlfriend. She even wants to kill every other girl who likes him. She's at enmity with Shadoo for an unknown reason and loves sweets, especially blackcurrant lollies.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple Eye color: Red Earphones: None yet Nationality/Race: German


Her first voicebank can be downloaded here (it's a CV with hiragana filenames and romaji aliases)

Ran Kitsune's VCV voicebank will be redone soon!

A French CV voicebank of Ran Kitsune is available here

A Japanese CVVC voicebank of Ran Kitsune is available here

The new version of a French CVVC voicebank can be downloaded here

A German CVVC Voicebank of Ran Kitsune will be released very soon (oto.ini has to be finished)!

Her MMD-model (by Chitaci thepeace) can be downloaded here

Covers with her

Rotten Girl-Grotesque Romance (Stalker) iNSaNiTY (with Kriss Futarine) Scissoroid (with Shadoo) Electric Angel (with Kigiku Shikane) True Love Restraint ELLIE Childish War (with Kriss Futarine) Tsukema Tsukeru (YouTube) Tsukema Tsukeru (SoundCloud) Nyan Cat! Hide and Seek (by UTAU Teal Courage) Kuro Ageha (VCV) Anti Beat (CVVC) Avenir (French release) ♣ ECLOSION ♣ (French CV) Le Bien Qui Fait Mal (French chorus with her) Ta Fête (French CVVC) ♣ ECLOSION ♣ (French CVVC) by Karma-P/Kaяma (SoundCloud) You're seriously mad? I'm not mistaken here! Dors mon ange (French CVVC release) Smoke and Mirrors (French CVVC) The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka (Soundcloud) Sunset Love Suicide (Soundcloud)

Pictures of her

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