Reece during 2014 year celebration.

Reece Enya

Reece Enya is a 9 year old Eevee UTAUloid, by my knowledge the only one as of yet! He's smart but guilible. He loves to help out but overly caring. He's scared of being alone and simply wants friends. Bassically, a normal boy right?. Except he has a final form~! though that's a secret right now. His voicebank is not finished yet, but I am trying to do it. Reece is rarely seen naked as his fur covers his "parts" though he usually wears a blue t-shirt with short sleeves, pink overalls and black and white trainers! His current profile picture is by a artist named Creim. This is Reece during a celebration of 2014 where he's having fun. He was originally born in United Kingdom but he moved to Japan, Tokyo at the age of 1 and a half. He loves Tokyo but hates how it's so crowded. I will be uploading a Demo of his voice eventually. I think I will do a Japanese one first though since I do have some speech problems...I will try and get a different voice actor but for now...I guess I will do! Have fun~! Scratch that! A friend gave me his UTAU's Voicebank which he never actrually uploaded because he didn't think it was good enough! Lucky for me it's perfect for my character! though it sounds odd sometimes, I hope you can get around that! His voicebank is here! also this isn't his final voicebank! untill I can get a better one or one I make myself after I fix my speaking problems this will be his voicebank.

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