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Rei Abels





Best Friend




Begruding friend


Female Counterpart



WEIGHT 170 CHARACTER ITEM Unagi sushi/ Mango CREATOR Yoichi Masaki
BIRTHDAY December 19th, 1994 LIKES Any Fish, teasing other utaus, singing, sewing, creating havoc. MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE October 29th, 2013 DISLIKES People who are to serious, people who are mean to Sen-Da or Poi, Miku-ish utaus, utaus without much thought or effort, people who are have an unearned sense of superiority, grammar and spelling nazis. SIGNATURE SONG


PERSONALITY: Rei is acts like the older brother of Poi and Sen-Da. 

Rei is Poi's best freind and has been for the longest time. Before they became roommates Rei would go over to Poi's house almost every night. He enjoys playing games, drawing, or just general slacking off. He has a pretty big crush on po (don't ask me how their universe works XD, I have no clue). He really apriciates Poi, but him and Poi are both gay sooo... 


Rei had a fairly awkward childhood. He live with his grandparents while he was in school. He played Sports and got top grades, but he had a hard time getting along with people. He wasn't good friends with anybody on his team because he was more interested in anime and games, than girls and general boring normal things. When he went to live with his Mom in middle school he met Poi and they became fast friends. They are currently GBFs, and talk about who they are interested in, and even go shopping together... even though Rei has a bit of a problem with that stereotype.

Currently she lives as a room mate with Poi and Kyuu. She hopes to move into a bigger house once Sin-Ga is out of school.


Poi. He admires Poi very much and would destroy anybody who tried to hurt her. They are often caught playing video game together or marathoning anime. Him and Poi are both quite gay though so their isn't much chance of a relationship starting between them.

Sen-Da: Rei see's Sen-Da as a brother and would do anything to help him get along with people better. He is really frustrated by Sen-Da though because of how he acts. 

Kyuu: Rei thinks Kyuu is a stuck up jerk.... but a pretty hot one. He gets tired of him constantly hitting on Poi, and wished he would find a better use of his time. Rei thinks Kyuu is attractive, but they probably wouldn't be able to have any kind of relationship (not to mention Kyuu is Straight)

Po: Rei has a HUGE crush on Po. He can barely manage to talk with him while keeping his cool. Rei would never admit his feelings to Po though. It could be that he is to shy or maybe just a bit embarrassed to ask somebody so much shorter than him  to be top XD.

Trei: Rei see's Trei as a sister (because she basically is). While she is his love rival technically they never compete against eachother. Trei roots for Rei and vice~versa. They both think that the other one has a higher chance of ending up with Po. They are really awkward around each other because they are really transparent to one another.

Sin-Ga: Rei likes Sin-Ga but thinks she needs to stop acting poorly twords Sen-Da. He also thinks she is a bit dangerous when provoked


Here are Trei's MMD Models.


Supplemental Information

Occupation: Delivers Pizza
Hair color: Orange
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Green
Earphones: none, his ears don't make wearing headphones easy
Skirt: Red plaid when he decides to wear one
Underwear: White boxers with paw prints
Accessories: hat, and varios glowing light things
Nationality/Race: American

Voice Configuration

Rei has a naturally deep voice that isn't suited to all songs. He has a pretty far vocal Range. He is the male version of Trei

Main CV



Usage Clause

Usage Rule of Rei

The rules below are for the character and the UTAU voicebank Rei
Every rule applies to both the character and the UTAU voicebank Rei

1. Authorization
Users shall be deemed to have read and agreed to the paragraphs and the articles below when using Rei.

  • Do not use Rei to violate laws and ordinances and/or promote actions which violate laws and ordinances.
  • Do not use Rei in anyway that compromises her character
  • Do not use Rei to slander and/or insult third person/party.
  • Do not impersonate the creator of Rei
  • Do not sell the voicebank and/or the character Rei commercially.
  • Make sure to write the name Rei onto your work when using this voicebank and/or character.

2. Discharge
The creator(s) shall not hold any responsibility to incidents and losses when using the voicebank and/or the character Rei
Use this voicebank and/or character at your own risk.

3. Prohibitions and Reminders
a) Political expression

Is not limited. However, the utilization which violates usage rule above is forbidden.

b) Religious expression

Religious expression which promotes a certain religious group is forbidden.

c) Sexual (NC-17) expression, grotesque and/or violent expression

Is not limited as long as a cautional statements and tags are written properly.

d) Posting onto PIAPRO

Do not post Rei onto PIAPRO. (PIAPRO is for Vocaloids which are distributed by and the derivative characters approved by Crypton only.)
The author(s) does not hold any responsibility to incidents caused by violating this prohibition.

4. Modification and Redistribution of the Voicebank

  • No limitation is imposed on modifying the voicebank. (e.g. noise reduction and pitch manipulation)
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • Redistribution of this voicebank is Fine as long as you notify Yoii  first
  • Redistribution of the edited/modified voicebank is forbidden without permission

Rei's Media

Pixel 2
【UTAU PV +VB】 Dance of the dead ft03:43

【UTAU PV +VB】 Dance of the dead ft. TEAM Shizun VCV

【UTAU PV】Dream Meltic Halloween Ft03:43

【UTAU PV】Dream Meltic Halloween Ft. Trei, Po, Sin-Ga, and Kuota

【UTAU】 Undead Enemy ft03:11

【UTAU】 Undead Enemy ft. Rei

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