Rei Ginouta (western order)

Love is war rei edition by tehfangirlotaku-d4vccmu

(slightly outdated)

Japanese- 霊 銀の歌

Name Interpretation- 霊 Rei (spirit) 銀の歌 Ginouta (silver song)

Number- 077

Gender- Female

Voice Range- undetermined

Related Characters- Namine Ritsu (obsessive crush), Itami Kai (fellow otakuloid) Satsujin Shi (fellow otakuloid) Kurumaki Kumiko (fellow otakuloid) XO-42 Sukai (fellow otakuloid), XO-43 Sukei (fellow otakuloid) Takiyama Genj (fellow otakuloid), Anasutasia (fellow otakuloid), Kioki (fellow otakuloid) Unicorn (fellow otakuloid)

Age- 19

Genre- any

Homepage- Rei Ginouta Wiki

Weight- 105 lbs

Character Item- White Baneberry Branch

Creator- Teh Fangirl Otaku (can be found on deviantart)

Height- 5' 2 feet

Voice Source- None

Birthday- February 13, 1993

Likes- Namine Ritsu, Yaoi, Yuri, Cats, Sake, Japan, Violence

Release Date- March 31, 2012

Dislikes- Insects, America, Gore

Signature Song- KiLLER LADY

Personality- Has an obsessive crush on Ritsu Namine, a fellow UTAUloid. She is, However, under the impression that he is 18 instead of 6. (no one, including ritsu, has bothered to tell her otherwise) Rei can be easily annoyed, and has a tendancy to whack people in the head with a branch of white baneberries, a poisonous berry that she's developed an immunity to. Rei also has an insane appetite for sex and violence, but cannot stand gore.

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color- White-ish Silver that fades into Darker silver at the tips

Earphones- Silver headset with a black lightning bolt decal on each earphone, silver microphone and black headband

Eye Color- Silver

Dress- See ~tehfangirlotaku's gallery on

Nationality/ Race- Japanese

Rei's hair falls slightly past her waist, that goes into a spring-like curl at the bottom, like Teto Kasane's pigtails. She has a large bust, but is thin otherwise. She has slightly pale skin, and almond-shaped eyes. Her official color is percieved to be Silver. Her fingernails are painted silver, and her upper lip is silver, as well. Rei's lower lip, however, is indigo.

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