( 超声レイカ - こごえれいか - Kogoe Reika)  

超声 (Kogoe- The "ko" comes from the word "koeru", "to surpass". When Reika was created, it was in an attempt to create an Utau that sounded smoother, more pleasant, and all-around better than Dako's previous, failed voice banks. "Goe" is the character for "voice".)
レイカ (Reika- Depending on what kanji it's written in, the name 'Reika' can have various meanings. In this case, however, it was just a name chosen at random.)
SERIES: DakoUtau

MODEL#: 02

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Sounds best between E3 - A5 RELATED CHARACTERS None that currently have Wikia pages
AGE 17 GENRE No particular genre HOMEPAGE Official homepage
WEIGHT 110 lbs (49.89 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed tiger CREATOR Dako


August 1, 1993 LIKES Tigers, singing with other Utaus, candies, bright orange MEDIA LIST


(Please note that anything uploaded before August 9, 2010, was made using her first, outdated voice bank and is not an accurate representation of what she sounds like now.)

VOICE BANK RELEASE DATE August 16, 2010 DISLIKES Being ignored, feeling rushed, dogs, vegetables (especially peppers) SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY: Reika acts rather immature for her age, preferring to be seen as a 'cute child' rather than as an adolescent. She has a lot of energy, but not the longest attention span, and when she's not singing she likes to spend her time teasing her 'siblings'.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light gray; about waist-length and worn in two ponytails, tied at the base of her neck with ribbons.
Eye color: Orange.
Outfit: See concept art.
Headgear: None.
Nationality: American.

Voice Configuration

Language: Japanese only. Reika's voice files are labelled in romaji, but she has hiragana aliases, enabling her to read .USTs labelled in either.

Due to issues with Dako's computer, Reika's voice bank release date was pushed back a few days, but her beta version voice bank can now be downloaded here.


As of July 2011, Reika's voicebank and character have been updated. The voicebank on this page may become unavailable at any given time and as soon as her new voicebank has a complete OTO.ini file, Reika will receive a new page. If it in any way violates UTAU Wikia regulations to keep this page up when the information on it is no longer valid nor will be ever updated, then this page may be deleted.

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