A Resampler is the tool UTAU uses to take apart, pitch, edit, and reassemble voice samples to create an UTAUloid.

Different Resamplers have different effects, a each UTAUloid has a different output with each Resampler

Basic Resampler

This is the Resampler included with UTAU and is upgraded along with each subsequent UTAU Engine released.


An independent Resampler that does not respond to flags


An independent Resampler that focuses on powerful vocals

W4U (World 4 UTAU)

An independent Resampler that responds strongly to background noise


An experimental Resampler developed by Ameya. It is currently Beta, and spreads samples out to increase output depth. Is not supported anymore.


A Resampler included with UTAU that has extreme dynamic issues


Full Name: Frame Resampler

A Resampler known for strengthening voices, eliminated noise, and for it's nasal on high notes.


An independent Resampler that functions like the old version of TIPS that doesn't magnify noises.


An independent Resampler that makes high notes cracking and raspy, works better on lower notes


Full Name: Phase Vocoder

A unique independent Resampler that adds a metallic/vocoder effect to the UST.


A Resampler that is known for only working on Japanese computers. Many (overseas) people are unknowledgable because of that reason.


Full Name: Eternal Force Blizampler - Phantom Blood

An independent(?) Resampler that likely works with soft voices. EFB-PB and EFB-GT are known to be very picky as to which voicebanks it supports and doesn't.


Full Name: Eternal Force Blizampler - Galaxy Tear

An independent(?) Resampler that works best with soft voices. It also works best with Ritsu Namine (go figure).


A resampler known for making UTAUloids sound like they are growling, hence the name.

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