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(Japanese: 不快音ラプソディー - ふかいねらぷそでぃー - Fukaine Rapusodii)
不快音; Fukaine (lit. Unpleasant Sound) – A reference back to Rhapsody's first voicebank, which contains several syllables that tend to make a harsh, unpleasant sound.
MODEL: TES-04 - can be found tattooed across his lower back
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE F2~F6 (Middle of C2~Middle of C6). Can probably go to the bottom of C2 and below, but it isn't recommended unless you want nightmares because his voice can get scary from there RELATED CHARACTERS

Vy Onnarashikoe (cousin)

Mami Akane (rival)

Karashi Katharsis (enemy)

Allegra Fukaine (genderbend; g-10)

AGE 23 GENRE Rock, Screamo HOMEPAGE Rhapsody's Blog (official blog)
WEIGHT Unknown. Finds it rude that you would ask CHARACTER ITEM Voodoo Dolls. Usually seen sticking pins in a Karashi voodoo doll however CREATOR arrogantchild632
BIRTHDAY September 1 LIKES Kaya (his ex), being alone, peace and quiet, his cousin, tattoos, piercings, dolls, bass guitars and seeing Karashi in pain MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE December 28, 2010 DISLIKES Kaya (his ex), foreplay, flirts/flirting, Karashi, angry women and/or women like Akane, being flirted with, sexual harrassment, when people get to close to his baby cousin, being touched (i.e. hugs, high fives), being woken up late into the night, and when people start screaming and throwing things during arguements SIGNATURE SONG Bye Baby Sayonara
PERSONALITY: Vy's much older cousin who has been known to be quite overprotective, often stepping in whenever someone he doesn't approve of gets too close to Vy. Rhapsody isn't much of a people person--leaning a bit towards the kuudere stereotype--and has deemed himself asexual, as he will not respond to the advances of anyone (regardless of gender or orientation) and will often discourage it

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Grey with a streak of black and neon green
Headgear: Earphones
Eye color: Golden
Earphones: Grey headset with the radioactivity symbol on the ear pieces
Dress: See concept art.
Nationality/Race: Japanese Rhapsody has gotten a recent look update but his updated concept art has yet to be completed.

Voice Configuration

Rhapsody's voicebank is encoded in both hiragana and romaji and is only capable of singing in Japanese, though it is possible to try and make him sing in English. So far he only has an ACT ONE and an ACT TWO voicebank and a CV soft append VB is currently under production.

Voicebank Download

2.0 Voicebank Download

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