Rida Minoru

(Minoru; To bear fruit, To ripen)
(Rida; Meant to sound like 'leader')

TYPE: UTAUloid, Commieloid

MODEL: CR-01 (on left shoulderblade)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE anything that doesn't sound squeaky or like a guy RELATED CHARACTERS

Asai Yaruki (She likes him)

Rido Minoru (Genderbent)

Tibbs Buni (Friend)

NAU (semi-shared voice T~T idk)

AGE 14-15 GENRE any, slow songs make her sound weird HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 150-160 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Avocado, Red China hat CREATOR Mimicetara
BIRTHDAY 10-26 LIKES Avocadoes, Sweets, People who like her MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE DISLIKES Basic 'hero/villian' plot, bad fanfics, cutlery, and spiders SIGNATURE SONG
PERSONALITY: Rida is generally kind to anyone except those who hit her, then she is plotting. She has a 'relative', Rido. Rido has a deeper voice, longer hair, and a darker colored hat. They both like the cold and would rather it be cold and humid than dry. And due to especially strong BS, technically, they are the same person, but are not actually related.

Character Design

Hair: Black or brown, it doesn't matter. shoulder-length

Eye color: Black to white gradient (honer to who her voice was meant for)

Shirt: Lavender night-gownish thing, has a SU with a plus over it (no, not what you may guess, it has to do with a story I'm making) Blue trim. On Rido it's more of a belly shirt..

Pants: Jean shorts. Rido wears long pants..

Feet: Black shoes with red stripes. they somehow grow and shrink depending on whose wearing them.

Nationality: American

Accessories: Her hat. and a headset whenever it actually gets drawn

Voice Configuration

To get Rido's voice from Rida's voicebank you'd want to select all of the notes on UTAU and go to the Edit tab and move region by number -12 , then in audacity change the pitch down from F to D#/Eb

Her voicebank is given out by email only until something else is decided, you have to ask on dA or Youtube, and I am MimicEtara on both of those


  • originally meant to be a voice of a character already in existance, but eventually got her own look
  • originally didn't mean to actually have visible eyes, HakaDirune gave them to her and i just kindof went with it

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