Rika Elena Nazhi'

Rika Nazhi'' (Hindi: रीका नाशी)


Rika Nazhi

Name Interpretation:

Rika: A Kumanian given name.? ? ? ? ? Nazhi: A Kumanian family name.

Visual Representations:

Utauloid Image

Voicer's Webpage:

Rika Elena Nazhi The Kumanian Tribe



UTAUloid Version Number:


UTAUloid Version Number In Standard English:

One Point Two Point One

Known Languages:

Spanish, English, Kumanian (an Indian language derived from Latin), Kumanian Accented Panjabi, Hindi, and Gujarati; and HEAVILY INDIAN ACCENTED Japanese

Character Item:

Extra large double screened portable game system with internet access


Five feet and one inch high


One-hundred-and-two pounds


Fifteen years of age

Date Of Birth:

January First, Nineteen-Ninety-Seven


Rika Nazhi’ is a nice young Indian girl, who loves to spend time with her brother, Kuma’.? Together, they play video games, eat curry, and just chat.? Rika can easily get distracted whenst putting herself to a task that she feels is necessary.? It is thus when Kuma’ must guide her to finishing it.? Rika is very slow to anger, and is almost always willing to help others when they ask for assistance.? People complement Rika’s voice, even going as far as to say that she sounds like Hatsune Miku Append Dark.? She has a sweet, cute, gentle, loving vocal tone.

Related Characters:

Kuma Nazhi - Brother

Soenum Jethwa: Sister-In-Law Coming Soon)

Voice Configuration:

Rika is able to work with Utau, and you can also add words to her fluency by using the dictionary editor feature, found on her download page.? See Kuma Nazhi for more information on using the dictionary editor.? Rika is best singing in Japanese, but she is panlingual, so she can sing in literally EVERY language, even if with some work.

Download Link:

A direct link to Rika Nazhis download page can be followed here. When the page finishes loading, choose which features you wish to download, and voila, it should work from there. Please remember to extract the contents of the compressed slash zipped folder before using it. Otherwise,, ... well I think that last sentence pretty much sums it up.


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