Rina Mini
リナ - Jasmine

MODEL: RCV01 (Rainbowloid Character Vocal 01, or otherwise just "01")

GENDER Girl VOICE RANGE Coming soon RELATED CHARACTERS YoYoloid (friend) Tommy and Lisa (children) Hina (husband)
AGE 23 GENRE J-Pop, Lullaby HOMEPAGE (W.I.P)
BIRTHDAY Unknown LIKES Flowers, Rollercoasters, Waterslides, Her family MEDIA LIST Coming soon
RELEASE DATE DISLIKES SIGNATURE SONG "I am Rina" (to be demo song, coming soon)
PERSONALITY: Rina may look like Defoko on the outside, but on the inside, she's a good hearted fellow.

Rina is supposed to appeal to even the smallest baby, as she has a soothing voice and likes to sing J-Pop and lullabies by heart.

Rina is a tailor. In a secret bunker, she changes into "Singer Mode" and no one in the store knows her real identity is Celyn. Celyn is her real name, and Rina is used as a singer name. She normally keeps an copy of the costume at home and changes into her uniform at work.

Character Design

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: Purple-Blue

Nationality: Welsh - Japanese

Rina normally has clothing like Hatsune Miku does, but done in a kind of purple way, and wears it at important places (University, Meetings, etc) but at other times will prefer to wear various combinations at other places (Park, days out with Tommy and Lisa, etc). 

On this slideshow, view Rina's styles. (W.I.P)

  • A small picture of Rina.
  • A smaller version of the original Rina, "Rina Mini", that will be used in her official UTAU picture.


Rina has gave birth to Tommy and Lisa, a pair of baby twins. Tommy is a huge Cyw and Bob Y Bildar fan, and never tends to miss them on TV. Lisa tends to like Ben a Mali a'u byd bach hud, meanwhile only watches TV for that reason, and spends the rest of the time playing with her toys, sleeping, or otherwise watching Tommy watch TV. Rina also trys her best to take the twins on a day out, or if she does not have a lot of money, lets them out to play in the garden (if it is dry). They are 5 months old.

Rina and her family live on Swansea (Abertawe). Because Swansea is one the towns on the side of Wales, Rina usally takes Tommy and Lisa to the beach for their summer day outs.

List of Appends

  • Soft 
  • Adult (like Hatsune Miku Dark)
  • Evil (AKA Chimera, the art for evil is basically a Chimera)
  • Sibrwd (like soft, but with a very sad tone, Welsh for Whisper)
  • Sakebi (like normal Japanese voicebank but with a louder sound. Sakebi is Japanese for Scream)


Nov 28, 2013: Recording of voicebank had started by "Popsicle" (stage name)

Dec 22, 2013: Popsicle has decided to use someone from UTAU Swap instead of her own voice



Name Release
Rina Early 2014
Rina Append


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