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{{UTAU infobox |image = Wiki-wordmark.png |name = Ritski Nukoni |name_means = "リスキー" means Risky, and "ぬきょの"
means "Unexpected imaginary", so it means something along the lines of "The Risky Unexpected Imagination". |type = Yandere UTAUloid |model = n/a |gender = Female |age = 18 |weight = 69kg |height = 5'9" |birthday = June 6 |released = 1/28 for a short time, only the voice actor has any known copy. Will have a re-release soon, with Tagalog, Japanese, and English. |voice_range = n/a |genre = Rock & Pop |voice_source = Manasakura[1]
|item = Chainsaw
|likes = Death, Leon, gems, porn, masturbating, 8-Bit Theater, skating, blood, snow, and taking risks
|dislikes = Dogs, wolves,  axes, Lola and water

|related = Jet (Friend)Rena Raine(Friend) Mirane Noa ("Suspicious" acquaintance) 
|homepage = Here
|creator = ebflover777
|picture = You can find it here
  |media = n/a
  |song = n/a
  |additional = Fast, cunning, and will lure one into her grasp with her voice. She has the ability to transform into a purple kitten.
  ==Supplemental Information ==
  *'''Hair Color:''' Fiery Orange, in the style of Rin with Gumi bangs
  *'''Headgear:''' Purple cat ears
  *'''Eye Color:''' Glowing red
  *'''Headphones:''' None
  *'''Clothing:''' A red-blue long dress, Yellow vest with a winged collar, and winged yellow boots
  *'''Nationality/Race:''' Filipino-American
  ==Voicebank releases== n/a
  ==Voice configuration== n/a
  ==Notable media== n/a
  <gallery source="template" hideaddbutton=true position=center caption="__Gallery Name__">

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