Roji Alei

露地 あれい
露地, or Roji, can mean Open field. Alei is from the english word "alley," from "alley cat."
TYPE: UTAUloid, ENGloid and potential NEKOloid.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Roji Alei's range is not defined RELATED
Suki Bag and Keb Chez - twin daughters Youkai Gizmo - adopted son
WEIGHT 58.3kg or 128 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Ladle and other cooking utensils CREATOR PhantomGiz
HEIGHT 186 cm, approximately 5'5" VOICE SOURCE Samuel Evan Cadby PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY 8th March LIKES Cooking, cleaning, attention, cuddles, singing. MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE Not unless requested DISLIKES Dirt, ignorance, animals, weakness, noise, anyone more popular than herself. SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Roji grew up on the streets of southern England, which is why she wants everything to be clean and orderly. Her hobbies include cleaning, cooking and food.



Roji is a middle aged woman of average height and a mother of 3. She has a curvy build and is chubby but not overweight. Her hair is dark magenta and straight, reaching halfway down her back. Her eyes are purple and she has a piercing in her left nostril. She has scars on her neck and belly.

Roji's favourite colour is orange, which influences her dress sense. She wears dresses often and any accessories she wears are often orange.


Roji Alei is very passionate and stubborn, especially towards her three children. She strives to be the center of attention all the time, and hates to ignored. Occasionally, she can come off as bossy or even rude.

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