Roo Magune

(Japanese: まぐね る - ma-gu-ne Ru)
Magune; - Some Japanese sounding gibberish. The last character being ね was completely accidental.

Roo; - In reference to Kangaroos (Jono99 is Australian)

TYPE: Sleveloid

None (for now)

AGE 14 (as of late 2016) GENRE IDK... Pop? HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 50kg CHARACTER ITEM Crystal Dagger (has a sapphire handle, amethyst cup and a ruby blade) CREATOR

Jono99 (Longsleve Records)

BIRTHDAY 1st August 2002 LIKES Sweet foods, Savoury foods, Magic and Cooking MEDIA LIST None
RELEASE DATE N/A (for now) DISLIKES Being alone, Stress, Magicians and abuse SIGNATURE SONG
Personality: He usually comes off as cold and calculating (due to his world's culture (same goes for his accent)), but is actually kind, caring, and doesn't like being left alone.

Supplemental Information

Hair colour: Long dark red hair with bright red tips.Eye colour: Deep blue. Turn a golden yellow or dark violet when using powerful light or dark magic respectively.

Eye colour: Deep blue. Turn a golden yellow or dark violet when using powerful light or dark magic respectively.

Shirt: Black long-sleeved that goes halfway down his thighs, resembling a short dress.

Pants: Dark grey pants that droop over his shoes.

Robes: Moss green that attaches to his shirt at the shoulders and goes down to his shoes, obscuring his shirt and pants from view. Has a hood that can cover his head.

Shoes: White sneakers.

Build: Skinny.


He is a mage that practiced both light and dark magic. One day, he ended up casting a portal spell. The resulting portal took him to our world where his power has been greatly diminished. He decided to get along in our world and now lives with Anitu and Lock (other planned Sleveloids).

Example covers

- Poker Face chorus (also features Silver Ame and Sukone Tei)

Voice Configuration

Roo Magune ACT 0.2 voicebank is encoded in Romaji with no aliases. He is recorded with a CV Lite reclist found here.

His ACT 1 (codenamed ACT T) will use a reclist based on the full CV reclist found at the link above with additional recordings to allow for more fluent Engrish, bordering on English. It will also be Romaji aliased. In addition to that, it will be multipitch, but that will be more for the sake of showing how to handle EINE appends in multipitch banks rather than to extend his range (the pitch recorded at in ACT 0.2 is almost at the top of Jono99's vocal range).

ACT 0.2 is completed, but is private. ACT 1 is currently a concept and no work has been done on it yet. Both voicebanks will go public when ACT 1 is finished.

This article has been edited and confirmed to be correct by Longsleve Records. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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