Pronunciation- Rah-ksea me-zoo

Name Interpretation- Roxy (ロクシー): Her name does not mean anything in particular. Mizu (水): Her last name means "water" in Japanese, meaning her love for water.

Type-Utauloid Gender-Female; Demon/angel Model-None Related Characters- Kayumi Nemoyo (Best friend) Climber Karu (Lover/partner) Murphi (friend) Mizuki Okami (Best friend) Teto Kasane (Idol) Oliver ("celebrity crush") Age-13 Years Old (1,000+ in demon years) Number-888 Weight-Just gonna say average Height-Just gonna say short Character item-Strawberry (Anything strawberry- strawberry cake, strawberry juice, etc.) Creator- Lyndsey (K) W. Birthday- March 12, 2001. Likes- Fruits, vegetables, singing, reading, things that are "even", Dislikes- Dancing, meat, sports, 

Nationality/race-Swedish, but sings in Japanese, with a Japanese Accent favorite phrase-"I'll keep on going on until the day I die!" because of her confidence in herself.

FUN FACTS- -Roxy loves cats and hats. That's why she wears the cat hat. -Roxy is very shy and gets super nervous and embarrassed about singing. But she's always confident in her self and others. -Sometimes, Roxy likes to wear cat eat headphones. -Roxy's bandages are inspired by Oliver -Roxy's hat is inspired by No more Gumi -Roxy's "cat ears" are the cat headphones she wears. They're also speakers. -Her main instrument is a piano.

VOICEBANKS?- At the moment, Roxy only a Japanese CV voicebank. Download will be up SOON. VOICEBANKS THAT WILL NOT BE MADE!- English Voicebank WILL NOT be made. Too complicated, and I can't read it the way they have. I would LOVE to make one, just too hard and complicated. VOICEBANKS SOON TO BE MADE?- ---

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