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-ERROR Ruka Demo

09ruka by shadowstar1021-d6y1umy

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Name: Ruka

Name interpretation: Ru_09 is her real name. Ruka has no signifigent meaning behind it.


Model: 09

Gender: Female

Related Characters: Ryoko (Brother), Ace (best friend), Ki Ki Otone (Almost like a brother.), Helena (Her little buddy.) Snow Utanen, Kuro Utanen, Shadow Utanen, Storm Otone, Neko Utanen, Elian Song, Star Utanen. (House mates)

Age:  17

Genre:  Any, medleys sound nice with her.

Homepage: Shastaloid on Facebook

Weight: 140lb

Character Item:  A soda bottle

Creator: shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 5' 5"

Voice Source: KuroEcho018's friend

Picture link List: _Link to my devinant art.._

Birthday: January twenty second


Media List: youtube

Release Date: Some time is December 2013


Signature Song: -ERROR


Voice Configuration



Supplemental Information

air color: Light blue

Headgear: Headphones

Eye color: Grey  

Headphones: Blue and white headphones

Dress: Look at her reference, I am not sure how to describe that...  

Nationality/Race: American SHASTALOID

Favorite phrase:

Usage and Rules

Do not use her for Political, religous, or any offencive content.

Non-Comercial purposes only.

Make sure all fanart for her is appropriate for all ages. No "Mature" stuff.

All the imformation above is accurate as of January 1 of 2014

~WynturStorm/shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho018~

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