RUKOTO YOKUNE (Japanese: 欲音ルコト - Yokune Rukoto)

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Rukoto Yokune


欲音 (Yokune) - Greedy Sound

ルコト (Rukoto) - Rukoto is a pun on Ruko.

TYPE: UTAUloid / Genderswap Pitchloid

MODEL: 65 - Rukoto's model number is identical to his genderswap, Ruko.


GENDER: Hermaphrodite - 90% female, 10% male. (This probably means he doesn't have a 'thing'.)

AGE: 12 (official age) 19 (fan age)


HEIGHT: 6'7" (200.66 cm)


BIRTHDAY: November 17, 1989 (Birthday according to fan age)

LIKES: Drinking coffee, flirting, being pet, sleeping

DISLIKES: Being awakened without a good reason, discussions about his gender, people making fun of him because he doesn't have any masculine genitals

PERSONALITY: Rukoto's persona may be similar, yet quite different compared to Ruko's. Rukoto is both perverted and a flirt. If he finds someone cute, he won't hesitate to make a move. A way you can get on his bad side is questioning him about his genitalia.


Rukoto's voice can be achieved through having Yokune Ruko REGULAR or RENZOKU sing and be pitched down to the desired vocal range.

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