Rumi Otatsu Portrait
Rumi Otatsu

"Pretty Table" It actually wasn't intended to have a meaning
TYPE: Just an UTAUloid
MODEL: Rumiko Otatsu is her full name but she don't like been called by that name. She preffers been called by her nickname, Rumi!
RYATALOID M, Ottona Noko
AGE 18 GENRE Any genre except Soft/Ballads songs HOMEPAGE None at the moment
WEIGHT Ladies Secret, Shhh... CHARACTER ITEM Blue Hair bown CREATOR Akki98/Akira_Chan_D
HEIGHT 5.4ft VOICE SOURCE Akki98/Akira_Chan_D PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY March 19, 2017 LIKES Blue, Fashion clothes, Kind people, Robots, Mechanic, Creativity, Lovely things MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE March 19, 2017 DISLIKES Mean people, People saying "Oh, you seem and act girly but your likes are kinda tomboyish?", Depressing or dramatic peeps, Weapons SIGNATURE SONG Heart a la Mode
ADDITIONAL INFO: Rumi is a beautiful, kind and joyful person, at first she seems very polite but she's such a fun person but that dont make her inmature, She's very mature! Rumi loves the fashion, you will never see her with an ugly dress or clothe. She acts so educated, like an model but she isn't one. At nights she works with some robots that is creating, She is very good at mechanic! When it comes to help someone she will help them, never reject to help with any problem.

About Rumi Otatsu

Rumi Full body Reference

Rumi Otatsu was released on March 19 of 2017, She has at the moment just one CV bank that is pretty good for a first Utau! She has a VCV bank been developed and that is supposed to be released in July of this year. Rumi Otatsu has more fanarts than covers with her CV and I hope that when I release the VCV more people use her for covers too! She has a Sister called Hikari Otatsu which is on develope too. Rumi Voice is in someway powerful atleast her CV is kinda powerful, but not so. Her VCV is intended to be a Kire Bank which is powerful.

Design -

Her design is pretty simple, she wears a blue jumpsuit with some dark blue heels and bowns. Her appareance is of a pretty young women with red hair and green eyes. She's C cup, her waist is 25" and her hips are 40". She may seem tall but she Is just 5.4ft that isn't tall in some places. Her hairstyle consist in one long red hair, a side fringe and a braid under her right ear. In conclusion, she's beautiful! Hahaha

Voicebanks -


VCV: Not released yet

~More Info coming soon~

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