Hateful Wonderland UTAU Ryoko04:49

Hateful Wonderland UTAU Ryoko

Ryoko basic concept by shadowstar1021-d6y1xn0

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Name: Ryoko

Name interpretation: Ryo_08 is his given name. Ryoko is a nickname. It has no signifigance


Model: 08

Gender: Male

Related Characters: Ace (Boyfriend), Ruka (Sister) Ki Ki Otone (Half brother. Same male sponser) Shadow Utanen, Kuro Utanen, Star Utanen, Snow Utanen, Elian Song, Helena, Neko Utanen, and Storm Otone. (Housemates.)

Age: 19

Genre: Any.


Weight: 190lb

Character Item:  Machete

Creator: shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 6'2"

Voice Source: KuroEcho018's friend

Picture link List: _Link to my devinant art.._

Birthday: December first


Media List: youtube

Release Date: Some time is December 2013


Signature Song: Hateful Wonderland


Voice Configurations

CT 01 (JPN CV)


Supplemental Information

air color: Pale green

Headgear: None

Eye color: Right eye purple, left eye grey.

Headphones: none

Dress: Blue loosly fitting t-shirt with a brown hooded vest over top. Black sweat pants with blue-ish teal clothed chain on his left side.

Nationality/Race: American SHASTALOID

Favorite phrase:

Usage and Rules

Do not use him for Political, religous, or any offencive content.

Non-Comercial purposes only.

Make sure all fanart for him is appropriate for all ages. No "Mature" stuff.

All the imformation above is accurate as of January 1 of 2014

~WynturStorm/shadowstar1021 and KuroEcho018~

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