Ryou Wakahisa icon 

(Japanese: 若久•涼 - わかひさ•りょう-  Wakahisa Ryou)
Nickname: Ryounii
(Ryou: cool.)
若久 (Wakahisa: Forever young.)
TYPE: UTAUloid ( Hoodieloid )
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4-F#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Ryouji (elder brother, male counterpart by pitch manipulation.)

Amora Mayumi (Her childhood Best Friend.)

Kamirei (Cousin; She really loves her cousin and ship her with Himeka.)

Hamoni (Friend; She always protect Hamoni.)

Saino Akumane (Friend; Best Frenimies/ Duet partner)





WEIGHT secret. :3 CHARACTER ITEM Eye glass ,Gaming remote control

Fav. food; Pizza

HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'2" ft (157 cm) Voice Provider KyoXi-Rae PICTURE LINK LIST DA




BIRTHDAY Dec. 29, 2014 LIKES Cats, Sweet foods, Anything cute, yuri manga and gaming. MEDIA LIST Google+ YouTube
RELEASE DATE December 2, 2014 DISLIKES Spiders, Thunders, darkness, perverts and Flashback from her mind. SIGNATURE SONG

【Wakahisa        Ryou ft.    Akumane Saino】       from Y to Y 


PERSONALITY: Ryou is just a boyish girl who likes to tease everyone. She really loves cats, but hates wearing cat's ears. She tends to fall inlove with a person who likes cats. She hates it when she saw some familiar images in her mind she feels guilt for that person. She hates wasting time too. She express her feelings by singing. When her headphone's on, no one can disturb her, she might punch or kick you if you disturb her while listening to music. However she has her soft side.

Character design

Ryou Wakahisa's concept art

Hair color: Scarlet

Eye color: Green

Headphones: Red and White

Dress: dark grey hoodie (jacket) and White red skirt

Nationality / Race: Half blood Japanese ~ Filipino.

Usage Clause


  • Do not Redistribute without creator's permission.
  • Do not claim it as yours.
  • Always credit the creator if you use her.
  • Always send to me your works everytime you use her. (Send it HERE.)

Voicebank & Songs

  • Do not claim my UTAULOID as your own.
  • Do not impersonate the creator.
  • Please put the name of the UTAULOID if he/she is used in any of your works.
  • Please do not use my UTAULOID for commercial purposes unless you have obtained permission from me.


  • Do not roleplay out of the character.
  • Yuri roleplays are allowed. (lol cuz why not. -Author)

Fanfiction/Games/Manga/Comics/Fan Art

  • You may use the character without permission from the creator.
  • You do not have to follow the given personality.
  • Please inform me when you made a Fanfiction/Games/Manga/Comics/Fan Art, I would like to see those~ :)

Voice Configuration

Currently She has an ACT1 Voicebank 

Act 1 download : Here


Ryou Append ; CLEAR Here (Date released Jan. 20, 2015) Romaji with hiragana alias.

Trivia / Fun Facts

  • She loves pizza.
  • Cats really loves her.
  • She sucks at drawing. ( unlike her brother/her male genderbend. )
  • She's a lazy girl.
  • She hates wearing her eye glasses.
  • She pretends as her brother sometimes.
  • She's addicted with any video games.
  • She's a little bit Kuudere sometimes.

This article is written and certified true and correct by (KyoXi-Rae/misu) the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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