Young ryouji wakahisa by misukishipie

(Japanese: 若久•涼至 - わかひさ•りょうじ-  Wakahisa Ryouji)
涼至 (Ryouji: Extremely cool.)
若久 (Wakahisa: Forever young.)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE C4-C5 RELATED CHARACTERS Ryou Wakahisa (younger sis / voice source)
WEIGHT Secret :D CHARACTER ITEM Pen and Phone CREATOR Misu-chan / RinPie
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS Secret :3 Voice Source Ryou Wakahisa PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY April 2 LIKES Cats, Cute girls, Sweet foods, Anything cute, yuri manga and gaming. MEDIA LIST Google+ YouTube
RELEASE DATE December 2, 2014 DISLIKES Spiders, too much lights and perverts. SIGNATURE SONG


PERSONALITY: Ryouji is more gentle than Ryou (His younger sister) He likes to tease her younger sis. He blushes alot everytime he saw her crush (Sekka Yufu) Ryou always make him girly, Ryou put some girly accessories on him and he hates it. When they're young, Ryouji loves to read yuri manga and one day, Ryou caught him, when Ryou's calling their mom, Ryouji begged her to just read the manga and understand the girl to girl relationships. Ryou started to like girls that day. And Ryouji regret so much.

Character design

Hair color: Scarlet

Eye color: Green

Headphones: Red and White

Up body: White hoodie (jacket)

Inner : Black Polo

Hipster : White Jeans.

Nationality / Race: Half blood Japanese ~ Filipino.

Usage Clause

  • Do not Redistribute without creator's permission.
  • Do not claim it as yours.
  • Always credit the creator if you use him.

Trivia / Fun Facts

  • He loves Cakes and Chocolates.
  • He loves cats, but cats hates him.
  • He draws so cool unlike her younger sister.
  • He's lazy as his younger sis.
  • He's a shy boy.
  • He's a good crossdresser because of his naughty sis.

Voice Configuration

Ryouji's voice is achieved by applying the parameter g+15 to any voicebank of Ryou Wakahisa. He inherits any quality. features, limitations and properties Ryou has, as far as the voicebank is concerned; Any addons to Ryou's language and pronunciation capability can be applied to Ryouji instantly.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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