Character Information

Utau concept thingy ryukazi076petenshi by acesblitz-d6eg8k4


Name: Ryukazi076PETENSHI (PETENSHI for short)

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Type: Shouganai-loid

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 134 lbs.

Species/Race/Nationality: Half-Demon, White, French-Japanese

Languages: English, Japanese, French (only sings in Japanese though)

Voice Range: E3~A#4


Creator: AcesBlitz

Voice Provider: AcesBlitz

 Birthday: September 16
  Release: july 3, 2013

Likes: helping people, her friends, cute things, small children

Dislikes: Manual labor, getting up to change the channel on the T.V., knives, when SCREAM hits her or disobeys her, when people don't do what she asks them to do, waking up early, perverts, reckless teenagers, Hachi, her age, when people hurt themselves

Personality: motherly, protective, considerate, housewife-ish, strong.

Related Characters: SCREAM (twin brother), The shouganai-loids, Amaterasu Omoyari (best friend)

Voice Configuration

ACT 1, CV, Romaji with Hiragana Aliases ( Message me here at: after downloading)

UTAU RELEASE Super Hero Ryukazi076PETENSHI03:47


PETENSHI's release

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