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Yo! My name is Ryuu! Use me well!


Male Voice range F3-C6 Related Characters

(Ryuu's friend/master)


unknown Grene up beat songs and rock Homepage working on it!


65 lbs Character Item barbecue sauce Creator Asuka270


1 foot

12 inches

36 cm

Voice Sorce not destributed yet! Picture Link List

July 10th

Likes Asuka Kehaito, flying, sleeping in tree's, biting people's head to get his way, compettion, eating steak with barbecue sauce!! Media List
Release Date March 25, 2011 Dislikes loosing, small spaces, when somone upset's Asuka, Asuka upset at him, !TAKEING A BATH!, Signature song none YET! :D
Personality: Ryuu was found by Asuka when he was an egg. Ever since he hatched, they have always been together. Ryuu's goal is to find a way to become a big, strong, and outstanding dragon. Ryuu also has another secret, he wants to become a human so he can be like Asuka Kehaito (Aww!!!) Well other than that, he is an energetic, loyal, caring, stubborn little dragon who likes to eat...Barbecue sauce?! He hate's bathes and the only way to give him one is to coax him with barbecue sauce. Anytime he meets someone new, he acts like a tuff guy. When he is with a bunch of animal UTAUloid's he makes himself the leader of the group. Other than that, he cares about his friends and defends anyone who is hurt by a bully. His voice caries off into the distance from the tree tops where he takes his naps, so you always know where to find him.

Supplemental Information

eye color: light blue

scale color: A teel blue with orange hirizontal stripes going from his nose to his tale. yellow tummy and horns

wings: have speakers in them on the sides

wears: A yellow scarf and goggles


Ryuu currently can sing in romanji and hirigana. He will be able to sing english in his Act 2 and eventualy learn how to sing in Spanish. Ryuu belongs to me Asuka270. I hope that you give me credit for making Ryuu and to use him nicely. Any Editing to his voice is completly off limits! Please respect me and my UTAU's wishes. Thank you very much and have a great day :)

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