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Terms of Download

If you do use one of my voicebanks please credit me and let me know when you use them, I'd love to see your work.

Random Facts

  • His looks are somewhat based off of a character from the dating sim Dandelion
  • He dyed his hair so he wouldn't look like his sister, white is his original hair color
  • Ry is his nickname Rei gave him, since ironically Ry is the abbreviation for Ryaku which means to abbreviate or shorten. Since Ry is in fact the abbreviated version of his name.
  • In his first voicebank he sounds more happy and feminine, but more robotic
  • His voicebank originally was meant to be Ren's but his voice was a lot more higher, and thus Ry was created

Standard Terms

  • Please do not claim my utau as your own, I have spent a lot of time making these
  • You should never use my utau to make a profit or anything like that, the download is free
  • Please do not redistribute my voicebank
  • Please do not change my voicebank and claim it as your own
  • I understand if you want to fix the oto.ini, but if you do don't redistribute it

This article was written by LennSenpai the creator of the utauloid.

This is my first page on my utau, there may be future updates.