The Sakura flower is blooming .... and make beautiful voice for call u .... bcuz , my name ....

Hanane Sakura




SAKURA Summer Outfit

Sakura (Cherry blossom)


Gender Female Genre of Song J-Ballad , Tecno , Jpop , Pop , Other Related Characters

'K'ezia-Mayu : Friend

Aoi Ellie Rei En Seong : Best Friend

Ryone Yami : Friend

Ryone Saru : Friend

Megurine Luka : Best Friend

'Ryouji Kizu'ato : Best Friend

Age 17 Vouce Source Kezia-Mayu (Keziasherennatalia from DeviantArt) Hometown Kyoto
Height 175 cm Chara Item Cherry Blossom Pitcure Link Keziasher


50 kg Like

Flower , Tea , Mochi ,

Exspecialy Special item for her : Sakura Matcha tea

Very Important for her Her hair Pin (Purple Hair pin which gave from her Granma)
Birthday 27 April Dislike

Spicy food 

Exspecialy Horror for her : Black Curry

Creator Keziasheren


Release as UTAU 27 April Hobby Flower pressing , Ikebana (Make imitation flower) , reading book Message 'I Hope U can being what that u wish n Help 'Me for make me singing my song :)


SAKURA name must wrote by capital bcuz some UTAU who named Sakura Too yeah .

SAKURA is a girl who being Warrior in her country , she like traditional art in Japan and she have sadness event when she aged 6 or 7 years old , She have Bullying by her Classmate and make her nose n left cheek have wound (bcuz Her classmate push her when SAKURA driven her bicycle) and her left eye is wounded because she got dangerious happen while she was driving her car .

When She learned in middle school , she didn't populair in her class n didn't have friend because she is Dandere girl (Silence girl) , but Aoi only her important best friend .

She is very Smart than our class n Aoi

She like drink Matcha Sakura flavor with Sakura petals on her tea bcuz she think very elegant n beautiful


Hair Color : Pink

Eye color : Ametyst with Holo spiral , her left eye wear bandage

Dress : Pink Mini yukata , Behind her yukata , she wear some bandage , like ninja (almost like Yamanaka Ino (NARUTO) genin ver.)

Race : Human

Status : Warrior , Ninja , Student

SAKURA is a Warrior n Ninja from Kyoto (Japan) , Kezia create her with her imagination n combination from Megurine Luka (VOCALOID2) , Ishiyama Yumi (Code lyoko) , Yamanaka Ino (NARUTO) n Haruno Sakura (NARUTO) n her characteristic like Hyuga Hinata (NARUTO)

Her dress designed by her imagination when she wake up in the morning , she want create SAKURA as Second UTAU .

Her weapon is a Black silver Katana n Sakura silver blade fan (inspiration from Code Lyoko) . And SAKURA's Shoes is changed by black elegant heels for make like combination of Traditional n Modern culture.

Voice Bank

Kezia-Mayu didn't only make one voice bank , she make SAKURA's Voice bank too , she record her voice with her phone n move to her computer with USB. but like Make Aoi , she didn't know to make song :(


Kezia-Mayu : Thank for watch my second UTAU ^^

SAKURA : Yes ......... thanks :)

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