(Japanese: 好き - スキ )
スキ (SUKI; Love (With original creation of the name the creator was unknown to the fact it was an actual Japanese word))
TYPE: UTAUloid - (No group of any sort)
GENDER Female (Transgender character, vocals are "masculine") VOICE RANGE Not really been checked...doesn't go much higher than about C4 though. C3 is optimum. RELATED CHARACTERS NONE
AGE 15 GENRE She'll sing anything, but her best genre hasn't been found due to lack of testing HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 158 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Neckwear, usually her choker CREATOR Suki Paranoia/Damdadidoo28 for youtube account
HEIGHT 5'9" feet VOICE SOURCE Suki Paranoia PICTURE LINK LIST I'm thankful that this seems to be optional, my art sucks!
BIRTHDAY December 20, 2012 LIKES Being annoying, puns, sweets, animals, cuteness , exposed shoulders, Machigerita-P, and the color black. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE (I'm not responsible for reporting other places she might pop up...I think)
RELEASE DATE January 2, 2013 DISLIKES Close-minded people, mint, short-hair and being disliked SIGNATURE SONG N/A

PERSONALITY: SUKI is a shy girl, but completely opens up when she gets to know you. She enjoys annoying people when she is bored to see the funny angry faces. She is an absolute Machigerita fangirl, nearly squealing everytime she hears one of his songs.

*I like to think of my SUKI this way. Buuuut if you'd enjoy thinking of her some other way for fanfiction or head-canon, go right ahead!

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brunette with a purple streak along the side of her right hair...side-bang...things.
Earphones: She doesn't wear earphones, just sings o-naturale.
Eye color: Green
Dress/Outfit: A black short shirt with sleeves the expose her shoulders still, it has pink random diamonds design along the left area of the shirt. Wears a purple tank-top under the short shirt. Black scrunchie holding up her ponytail. Black mini-skirt and thigh-high kneesocks. Black boots going up to a little below her knees that has pink laces and under padding (or whatever that thing on the bottom of shoes is called.)
Nationality/Race: She says Italian

Voice Configuration

SUKI only knows good ol' Japanese, and she's optimum at the C3 range...errrm her f's are a bit breathy...her breathing sample always comes out sounding like screaming...ummmm that's all I can think of currently.

Latest Voicebank Downloads:
CV: This is her ACT 1.

Usage Clause

1. Do not redistribute. Please use the download link made by the creator to download her.
2. Do not claim ownership of this character and her voicebank..
3. Don't edit this voicebank, unless it's the oto.ini for your tastes on how you think it should be.
4. Do not create songs in any way that include any slander, racism, or anything that infringes the rights of a person or group of people.
5. Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character.
6. She is not for commerical use. Please contact the creator if you wish to do so.

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