Suki 5081

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Name: SUKI-5081 (Suki Tanaka)

Nicknames(s): Su, Ki-Ki

Age: 17(Unofficial) ______(Official)*Up to the user*

Height: Unknown

Gender: Has no offical gender but prefers female

Main item(s): Chocolate and clarinet

Type: Snowpoid


This part can be what ever the user wants it to be but here is how the creator sees:

Suki is a shy but carefree type girl. When she first meets someone, they tends to be shy and talks in a quite voice. But after she gets to know someone, she acts more outgoing and a lot louder. She also can get real giggley and hyper. She loves to eat chocolate and play the clarinet all the time. She's crazy over sweets and loves playing dancing games with her friends. She is a very curious girl as well. She ask questions all the time about life and other people. She's also not very good with emotions. She also acts like a tsundere when having a crush on someone


Cassei Eden: Love intrest

Misaki YoruUta: Friend yet person she fears

Mi Sakone: Friend

Brooke: Close friend

SATORU-5810: Younger Brother

CV Bank

Voiced by: Ginger Hill

Range- E3~C5

ACT1: never reviled due to many errors and poor quality.

ACT2: errors and also poor quality but still is much better then ACT1. ACT2 (which is still not finished(And may never be)) has a demo out for download here . Not all files were oto.ed while some were done incorrectly. Also, the one note with the most problems seems to be the "thsu." Also, the voice bank can only read romaji.

ACT3: can be downloaded here.  All files otoed plus 2 breathing samples. R's are pronouced as English R's and most charaters have both romaji and hiragana,

ACT4: you can download here

Song Covers

APATITE ft. Kagene Satsuki (SUKI-5081 ACT2 used)

iNSaNiTY ft. Kagene Himeka (ACT3)

Jitter Doll

Magnet with Cassei Eden



JITTER DOLL *remake*

Full Course for Candy Addicts


  • Prefers soft and slow songs compared to her brother
  • All you have to do to make her smile is give her some chocolate.
  • She has an alter ego that activates under stress and fear.

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