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Saami remade
Saami Monone

(Japanese: サーメ人Monone - Saami Monone)

NAME INTERPRETATION: サーメ人 (Saami; Nickname of owner, "Sammy" spelled differently) MONONE (Monone; Mono) - Mono sound. Saami One-sound (nothing special here...)

MODEL: 130



LOUISE (Soon to be updated)

(Aiko Kikyuune is used as a singing partner in some songs)



WEIGHT 175 lbs (79kg) CHARACTER ITEM Scissors/paper CREATOR Micro

Concept Art (without apron)

BIRTHDAY April 15 LIKES Singing, drawing, video games, eating MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE April 2, 2011 DISLIKES Anything to do with blood/bones/anatomy SIGNATURE SONG

Crime and Punishment

PERSONALITY: Saami is a very odd kid. He gets made fun of a lot for being MtF and wearing dresses, but he doesn't let that get to him. If he is sad, however, you'll probably find him outside collecting bugs and playing in the dirt. Although he looks and sounds like a girl, he still acts like any 14 year old boy.

His career in singing started around a year ago, when he decided to try out singing. His voice great progressed through the year, and he's made his first album (and soon a second one). He continues to sing with other UTAUs as well, even if some songs aren't released.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Right is brown, left is green.
Dress: He doesn't wear a dress, but sometimes he wears a skirt with green fringe.
Nationality/Race: American

Saami isn't very well known, and has only been shown to the creator's friends. He also has a knack for singing songs from video games.

Voice Configuration

Saami's VB is in Romaji only.

Edit: Saami's voicebank is finally done. No errors, nothing screwed up. Some of the dyu, byo, zya, etc. notes might be a little slow if you need to use them, but there aren't many songs with those characters so don't worry about that.

Edit 2: Another problem I've found is with the 'wu' character. Apparently it doesn't work and I've never recorded it. There's also an "ehr" character, which is used for songs that have some English in it. He's not very good at English, but having an R sound might help.

Have fun!:

Supplemental Information

• Saami is straight, but has found himself thinking some male actors were attractive.
• Saami can speak Japanese and English, and is mostly fluent with Japenese. I don't recommend having him sing a full English song, he's kind of hard to understand.•
• If any song's octave is between A3 and C5, or somewhere near that, drag the whole song 12 octaves lower. Pitch Saami at g+5, and he sounds a lot more like a boy if you'd rather have him sing that way. However, he mostly uses his girl voice.

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