Sabrina Bani

(Japanese: サブリナ バニー Saburina Banī)
重音 (Sabrina) - American name due to American origins.
テト (Bani) - Engrish for "bunny".
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Unknown RELATED CHARACTERS Kastor Subarashii (incomplete UTAU, but supposed brother of Sabrina, but there is no evidence of their relation.)
AGE 15 GENRE Anything :D HOMEPAGE This thing
WEIGHT 130 lbs (58.9 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Grape Popsicle CREATOR Madi (MadiMoogle)
HEIGHT 5 ft (152.4 cm) VOICE SOURCE Madi (MadiMoogle) PICTURE LINK LIST None yet.
BIRTHDAY May 22, year irrelevant. LIKES Grape popsicles, singing and being involved in making or creating large projects. MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE May 22, 2010 DISLIKES Objects and people she deems as 'useless'; she wants nothing to do with them. SIGNATURE SONGS Meltdown
PERSONALITY: Generally a positive person and often a dreamer, which results in her not paying attention quite often. When sleep-deprived or irritated, however, she can often give up on many things and refuse to do anything (including sing). She is also quite melodramatic at times. She's nice to other Utaus, but it'll be a while 'till they'll be friends. Will do anything for grape popsicles, trips over everything and may lick spark plugs.

Other Info

Hair color: Purple hair pulled in ponytail with glowing yellow star clip.
Eye color: Blue w/purple flecks or vice versa.
Headphones: Simple black headset with square ear cover-things and variously-colored lights.
Outfit: Blue, thick straps, purple sleeves underneath w/yellow light down the arm, chunky purple belt, stiff, knee length dress-bottom w/2 yellow light lines, blue/purple striped leggings, blue boots w/lights.
Nationality/Race: No official race yet.


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Information in this page is certified true and correct by MadiMoogle.

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