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(Japanese: Mack音サエ - まっくねさえ - Makkune Sae)
Mack音 (Makku) References the Macintosh computer systems by Apple, Inc.; (Ne; Sound)

サエ (Sae, 冴, Clear, Serene, Skillful)

TYPE: Eppalloid

F3~B4 (English VCCV)


Sai Mackne (Twin brother)
Kyou Mackne (Father)
Gogo Mackne (Mother)
Kioshi Mackne (Aunt)
Mimi Mackne (Aunt)
Neneki Mackne (Aunt)
Mama Mackne (Grandmother)
Naga Mackne (Grandfather)
Ryoma Mackne (Cousin)
Wewe Mackne "Blue" (Cousin)
Wewe Mackne "Purple" (Cousin)
Manaya Kakune (Tutor)

AGE 15 GENRE Varies HOMEPAGE Family Page
WEIGHT Undisclosed CHARACTER ITEM iPod nano 6th gen CREATOR Inochi-PM and KazukoP
HEIGHT 158cm VOICE SOURCE KazukoP PICTURE LINK LIST ACT1-ACT4.21 art, pixiv, deviantArt
BIRTHDAY February 24, 2010 LIKES Sweets, Rain, Dressing up MEDIA LIST niconico, YouTube, SoundCloud, clyp
RELEASE DATE June 8, 2011 DISLIKES Being left alone SIGNATURE SONG self esteem -reflection-
PERSONALITY: Sae is initially very timid, but she becomes more expressive and passionate when she sings. Besides music, she loves the rain and dressing up! She likes sweets, especially cupcakes. "I hope you like this – it's only for you, so I will stick around!"

Character Design

reDUX Design

Hair:Sky blue; Bangs part on the right; Hair curls on the left side of the head.
Eyes: Darkened indigo.
Head: tba
Cape: tba
Dress: tba
Gloves: tba
Legs: tba
Nationality: Japanese.

ACT1-4.21 Design

Hair: Sky blue; Bangs part on the right; Hair curls on the left side of the head.
Eyes: Darkened indigo.
Head: Violet floppy hat with a lavender ribbon around; Accessorized with a silver apple emblem.
Cape: Violet cape that covers the top torso; Outlined with purple and mint green zig-zags; White touchscreen on the center with a symbol of a whole apple.
Dress: Violet dress that reaches down to her knees; Wears a purple/mint green belt above the waist with one matching suspender to accessorize.
Gloves: Violet gloves from fingertip to wrist; Right glove has a lock function and a headphones jack.
Legs: White stockings; Dark grey Mary-Janes.
Nationality: Japanese.

Supplemental Information

None yet.

Voice Configuration

Sae's voicebank is
【MACK音サエ】ローリンガール【UTAUカバー】300 SUBS

【MACK音サエ】ローリンガール【UTAUカバー】300 SUBS

configured in hiragana with romaji aliases. She is currently in ACT4.21. ACT4 CV can be downloaded from the link below:
ACT4: Download link
There are


two Append CV voicebanks available for Sae: Vivid and Light.
軽 (Light): Download link
鮮 (Vivid): Download link

Her default VCV is currently available.

VCV: Download link

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