Name interpretation~ Sa- hira[sound effect for light in manga]
          Tsu-neku[one who controls sound]


TYPE Utau[Synth]Loid
Utau No#
AGE 15
WEIGHT 49Kilos
HEIGHT 1Metre 68
VOICEBANK[creator] Sarah Correia
CHARACTER ITEM A pie (often one with red grapes on top)
SIGNATURE SONG Happy Synthesizer

Penguinoid [common singing partner and best friend]

Ayane Mizuko [friend]

[Tsukasa] [friend]

RO [friend/singing partner/mascot/pet/brother]

SONGS COMPOSED I dont speak americano (Sahira & Ro version)
RELEASE DATE 11/05/2012

PERSONALITY- Sahira is a friendly yet msterious character. She is often with her eyes half open just like Uta Utane (Defoko). She blushes easily and is weirdly often found around crowded areas. She hardly smiles exept when shes around her closest friends. Sahira has one half robot arm that she has never told anyone about.



26/05/12 By Miku& Gumi Youtube
Trick and Treat Duet- [feat.Penguinoid] 13/05/12 Len & Rin Youtube
Barbie Girl Duet-[feat.Ro] 5/06/13 Aqua Youtube
I dont speak americano Duet-[feat.Ro] 6/06/12 Edited ver. by Sahira Tsuneku No Link Yet
Ievan Polkka Solo 14/05/12 Miku No Link Yet
Joker Duet-[feat.Ro] 26/05/12 Teto No Link Yet
Misunde Hiraite Duet-[feat.Ro] 5/06/12 Miku No Link Yet
Poker Face Duet-[feat.Ro] 28/04/12 Lady Ga Ga No Link Yet
Butterfly on your right shoulder Duet-[feat.SohiroTsuneku] 5/06/12 Len & Rin No Link Yet
Magnet Duet-[feat.SohiroTsuneku] 19/05/12 Luka & Miku No Link Yet
Bacterial Contamination Solo 5/06/12 Miku Youtube
Bad Apple Solo 29/04/12 #? No Link Yet
Black Rock shooter Solo 2/06/12 Miku No Link Yet
Cara Mia Addio Solo 11/05/12 Aperature Science No Link Yet
CaramellDansen Solo 28/05/12 #? No Link Yet
Confront! You look so cool! Solo 14/05/12 Teto No Link Yet
Dancing Samurai Solo 14/05/12 Gupuko No Link Yet
Dear Coccoa Girls Solo 11/06/12 Miku No Link Yet
Dissapearence of Sahira Tsuneku Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
Electric angel Solo 14/05/12 Miku No Link Yet
I=Fantasy Solo 17/05/12 Seeu No Link Yet
Ill Make you Sahi'-Sahi'-ed Solo 8/05/12 Miku Youtube
Just be friends Solo 26/04/12 Luka No Link Yet
Kocchi Muite Baby Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
Koi wa a la Mode Solo 29/04/12 #? No Link Yet
Love and Joy Solo 8/06/12 #? No Link Yet
Love is War Solo 27/03/12 Miku No Link Yet
Melt Solo 29/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
Miracle Painting Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
I can take off my panties! Solo 26/04/12 Rin No Link Yet
PonPonPon Solo 8/05/12 #? No Link Yet
Sakura Saku Solo 10/05/12 #? No Link Yet
Triple Baka Duet-[Feat.KasaneTeto] 23/05/12 Miku & Teto No Link Yet
We are pop candy! Solo 10/05/12 Miku Youtube
World is Mine Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
Yellow Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
1925 Solo 26/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
I'll Quit Singing Duet-[feat.Penguinoid] 12/05/12 Teto(?) Youtube
Fukkireta Solo 26/04/12 Teto No Link Yet
Popipo Solo 29/04/12 Miku No Link Yet
Youthful Day's Graffiti


#? Miku Youtube
Happy synthesizer



No Link Yet
Double Lariat Solo 16/07/12 Luka (?) No Link Yet
Cagayake! GIRLS Solo 10/07/12 K-ON(?) No LinkYet
Please dont say "lazy" Solo 02/07/12 K-ON(?) No Link Yet
Bo peep bo peep Solo 28/07/12 T-ara Youtube
Francium Solo 22/07/12 Miku No Link Yet
Secret Police Solo 03/07/12 Miku No Link Yet
Song of the Eared Robot Solo 13/06/12 Teto No Link Yet
Double Lariat Solo 16/07/12 Luka No Link Yet
Jebberwoky jabberwocka Duet- [feat.Akane Masami] #? #? Youtube
Alice Human Sacrifice

Utau chorus

#? #? Youtube
Colourful x Melody

Duet-[feat. Penguinoid]

10/09/12 Miku&Rin No Link Yet
What makes you beultiful Utau chorus 01/09/12 One DIrection No Link Yet
The intense singing of Sahira Tsuneku Solo 02/09/12 Miku No Link Yet

Early Sketches

317060 1945063404599 736545743 n

Sahira's first design

Sahira Tsuneku's first design didint start very different from her present design. Her first design had a stripped bow on her head and she didint have any arm pieces. Sahira also didint have only one white stripe on her "belt", she had random stripes.


11/05/2012 -ACT1

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