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(Japanese:マイゴ・サイセイ - まいご再生 - Maigo Saisei )

ALIAS: Sai/Sei - nickname

Chris - (the name of the character she was based on)

まいご (Maigo; lost)

再生 (Saisei; reincarnation/rebirth)

MODEL: 1112 - (November 12, her birthday)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE A#3-D5 (the highest pitch she can do without sounding as if she has a whistle in her throat) RELATED CHARACTERS

Chris : the character she was based off of

Midori Kichona : a close friend, part of TYMS

Yume Utao : a close friend, part of TYMS

Tsuki Taiyo : part of TYMS

Sayo Maigo : her genderbend version, possibly her twin (he can be achieved by adding g+15 to the flags)

Sakura Midori : a friend

Lloyd Ryune : a friend, something like an older brother figure

AGE 15 1/2 (when she was introduced, it doesn't quite make sense) GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT 110 lbs (50 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pumpkin CREATOR AshleyTerain/IndieBlueshipper
HEIGHT 5'4" (163 cm) VOICE SOURCE AshleyTerain/IndieBlueshipper PICTURE LINK LIST [CONCEPT ART]
BIRTHDAY November 12, ???? LIKES the color green, forests, walking, Halloween, video games, wearing sleeveless shirts/with detachable sleeves MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE August 25, 2011 DISLIKES people who destroy pumpkins, showing her ears, being misinterpreted SIGNATURE SONG -None as of yet-
PERSONALITY: Saisei rarely speaks to others, making her a dandere, but may warm up to them eventually. Her goal as of the moment is to be noticed by the other UTAUs by singing. By that goal, she can also somehow make friends in the long run.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Orange
Headgear: None
Eye color: Light Blue
Earphones: Black, with a yellow swirl illuminating on the dome.
Dress/Outfit: see concept art
Others: None
Nationality/Race: unknown

Originally called Sais, she was renamed to Saisei due to Kanji/Hiragana problems. Putting her whole name together, it can mean either "Rebirth Lost" or "Lost Rebirth/Reincarnation" (depending if you read her surname or given name first).

A bit of her history: When Chris (the OC) was killed, that's the time Saisei (and probably Sayo as well) was created. They are aesthetically identical, from hair color to clothing colors, but are very much different attitude-wise, due to Saisei having zero memories of anything. But what Saisei does have is a bit of Chris' main memories, like roaming through forests, thus making her have a like for the forest. The lack of knowledge of anything and memories is probably the reason why she sings a bit in the robotic manner.

Another problem with her is that because she's a "Lost" or "Incomplete" reincarnation, she lacks other emotions. The only emotions she does have is happiness, sadness and no emotion. If she does anything that resembles these other emotions, she's just acting it out to feel like she belongs. When she's showing no emotion, she's most likely seen playing with a PSP and being extremely quiet, to the point that her responses to conversations are either nodding, shaking her head or "..." .

Together with Yume Utao, Midori Kichona, and Tsuki Taiyo, they form the TYMS group.

Please note: Saisei never shows her ears, so if you were to make art of her, please don't show ears on it. Her hair will always hide it.

Voice Configuration


The original ACT1 voicebank has a poorly edited oto.ini (which is the fault of the author), causing Saisei to mispronounce the consonants of various notes.

ACT 1 download:

The link to the download has been taken down.


Her ACT2 voicebank was made to fix the pronunciation problem.

One might notice when using Saisei that there are robotic ticks and background noises. It's part of her voicebank. Since Maigo Saisei means 'lost reincarnation/rebirth' (or 'rebirth lost' if read as Saisei Maigo), it's supposed to reflect on that slight imperfection.

Her singing with the ACT2 voicebank can be heard here (She's singing Toeto) :

ACT 2 download:

(original file, the ReadMe file is still the same as its ACT1)

(with updated ReadMe file) ACT 3

ACT 3 has an improved voicebank, with her pitch being a bit higher than the first two versions. Also, it's clearer now, but still has a bit of robotic ticks from time to time.

She also has an updated look to boot.

ACT 3 download:

RAR File:

ZIP File:


This article is written and confirmed to be true by Saisei's author AshleyTerain. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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