UTAU - Saitou Yukari

Base by trixy-pix @ DA

Basic Info/Profile

Name - 斎藤由加里 (Saitō Yukari - "purification" "affinity")

Age - 19

Gender - Female

DOB/Release Date - April 8th

Height - 5' 5" (~165.1 cm)

Weight - 120 lbs. (~54.43 kg)

Bust Size - 36 C

Eyes - Light Blue/Green

Hair - Chocolate Brown

Skin - Light Peach/Pale

Style/ Clothing

Yukari enjoys wearing clothes that make it easy for her to move around, in. Since she is very energetic, and loves to dance, she doesn't want to be confined in tons of fabric. Yukari usually wears a black, one-shoulder top along with a purple/black plaid micro-miniskirt. Underneath her skirts, she always wears a pair of black biker shorts. Sometimes she wears neon purple arm warmers, but she takes them off constantly due to not liking how they flop around, and smack her forearms when she dances. They cannot be seen in the picture, but she also wears black thigh-high boots that lace up the front. She likes to keep her hair short for the same reason she wears as little clothing as possible. Yukari also wears glasses, much to her displeasure. She also has two purple music notes on her upper left shoulder.


Yukari is bright, and bubbly. She thrives on being the life of the party, and she's always the first to get up and start dancing around. Shyness isn't in her vocabulary, as she loves meeting new people and make friends. Yukari is sweet, kind, and very loving towards everyone (especially her friends). She's very affectionate, and loves giving/getting hugs, as well as piggyback rides. Yukari absolutely adores young children and animals, and constantly tries to surround herself with them. She loves how loving and innocent they all are.

Misc. Information

Character Item - Grapes/Red Wine (or her glasses)

Associated Color[s] - Purple, Black

Likes - Animals, Children, Dancing/Singing, Friends, Purple/Black/White, Sweet/Sour Foods.

Dislikes - Rude/Pushy People, Spicy Foods, Pink/Orange.

Voice Type - Medium-Low

Song Type[s] - Pop, Slow Songs/Musicals

Append[s] - N/A


  • Yukari does not have an English voicebank, only romaji/hiragana. Though she is able to speak/sing in Engrish. She can say the letter 'L', as well.
  • Yukari's debut involved her singing both parts to the "Phantom of the Opera" duet.
  • Yukari has an unreleased twin brother, as well as a released girlfriend.
  • Yukari has an older brother, Kou.
  • Yukari is bisexual.
  • Yukari's genderbend name is Hikaru. His voice is a simple downward pitch-shift of hers at about -15.
  • Only one append is in the planning stages, right now, and it is going to be a "Soft" append.


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