First Name: Saku


Last Name: Lehmus (Means Linden in English)

Nationality: Finnish

Age: 10

Height: 137 cm

Gender: Male

Personality:Cheerful, hyperactive, unmature, a bit rude and annoying sometimes, honest, stubborn, a little bit too confident about himself.

Relationships: Cousin of Shiki Kio and Shiki Sakuya (but not related to Shiki Momoka)

Character item: Ruispalat (Finnish rye bread)

Dislikes: Mämmi

Birthday: July 29, 2015

Voicer: Kiosa



Download: (Oto by Pupuomena )


  • Saku is a nickname my sister gave me. And my last name is "Lindh" that means "Lehmus" in Finnish (and in English it's Linden or something...?)

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