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Sakura Fujiwara

桜 ( "Sakura " : from Japanese and means "cherry blossom" )

藤原 ( "Fujiwara" : from Japanese, doesn't have an specific meaning. )

MODEL: 01 ( it's located on her back )
Sakuo Fujiwara ( Big brother / Genderbend )

Yuei Mutsu (Crush )

Nozomi Aizawa ( Good Friend )
AGE 16 GENRE Anyone HOMEPAGE Mintexce&MinloverUtaus
WEIGHT 49'5 kg CHARACTER ITEM Strawberry CREATOR Minlover
HEIGHT 1'64 m VOICE SOURCE Andrea Leslie Fernández ( Minlover ) PICTURE LINK LIST Mintexce&MinloverUtaus
BIRTHDAY 14th May LIKES Strawberries, chocolate, cats, ducks and ribbons. MEDIA LIST YouTube - Minlover
RELEASE DATE 26th December 2014 DISLIKES Milk, butterflies and wearing just a few clothes. SIGNATURE SONG Isshin Furan


ADDITIONAL INFO: Personality: Sakura is very funny, but she won't talk with people she doesn't know until they talk to her.

She is shy but doesn't want to show it and when she has problems, she needs to talk about them.

Visual description

IMG 1562

Hair: Shoulder-length, red, her tips are darker.

Eye color: Honey

Accessory: Hairpins

Upper clothes: Black top with a red rhombus design, on the back it has a zipper.

Legs: red shorts, black knee socks with a red rhombus design and a pair of black and red boots.

Nail polish: Red

Nationality: Spanish / Japanese

Voice Configuration

Sakura's voice bank is encoded in Hiragana and romaji .

Sakura has phonemes like "ña" "rra" "tsa" "la" so she can sing perfectly in English and in Spanish (but with some limitations) . She can also sing fast songs without any problem.

Her voice bank was recorded with "Audacity".

You have to use the "g+15" flag to properly use Sakuo Fujiwara ( genderbend ).

Sakura has a Japanese CV (Act 2) and a VCV called Sakura Fujiwara 開花


  • She is bisexual.
  • Her hairpins change color depending on her emotional state.
  • She is scared of bunnies.
  • She has a strawberry birthmark.



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