(Japanese: クロサクラ - くろさくら - Black Cherry)
クロ (Black) - Referring to her unusual choice in darker clothing.
サクラ(Sakura; Cherry Blossom) - This is a pun on how many of female Utauloids in the UTAU fandom are named "Sakura". Black Cherry, as she is referred to in English, is a sarcasm Utau. Meant to play a joke on the UTAU fandom's mary-sue characters with moe/childish voices, and designs strikingly similar to that of Hatsune Miku, or Kagamine Rin.
TYPE: UTAU - She is considered to be a Synthloid, as she has the same creator as that of Tsatone Syntha and Makoto Eku.
GENDER assumed to be Female VOICE RANGE 364.1 Hz (F#4) RELATED CHARACTERS

Hatsune Miku (Idol)

AGE Official age is 9, but is referred to by fans as 14 GENRE Ballad, Pop HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 98 lbs (44.45 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate and Cherry Ice-cream CREATOR Macnebon
HEIGHT 5'1" feet (155 cm) 4'11" without boots VOICE SOURCE

Macnebon (DeviantART)

Sasayaki-Sayuri-Saki (DA)

BIRTHDAY Assumed to be sometime in 2004. Her creation age is November 2012 LIKES Singing/hanging out with her friends the vocaloids, writing Music, teaching other UTAU how to sing perfectly like she does. MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES Zatsune Miku, Pitchloids, People who hate the Vocaloids/Miku, Plain-Janes SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: Sakura is your usual Mary-sue. She has large boobs, everyone loves her and she loves everyone and everything. Secretly she's a fairy Princess but her Mother sent her away so she wouldn't have to rule her crumbling kingdom of the Fairy Desu Queens.


Her old bank is retired due to quality problems and overall accent trouble. An ACT2 is currently being recorded.

Black Cherry 【クロサクラ】 Romaji - Hiragana CV Voicebank

Sakura is a Sarcasm Utau, meant to make fun of kawaii-desu Utauloids that have cute or moe voices and look like Hatsune Miku, or Kagamine Rin. She is not meant to be taken seriously and is only a joke towards the UTAU Fandom. Please refrain from using her in Illegal, Polotical, Sexual, and other Adult situations in which Children should not be illustrated in.

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