Sakura Yuri

Sakura Yuri :D

Name meaning:

サクラ (さくら) = Sakura - Cherry blossoms 

百合 = Lilly                                                                         ____________________________________________  

Type: Utau    Code No:  ☮ (unknow place) 02 (in leg)

Made by: Ekta and Esha Sarma

Voice: Ekta Sarma


UTAU World Is Mine Sakura Yuri UST04:15

UTAU World Is Mine Sakura Yuri UST


Information Listed below:

Gender: Female (:P)

Voice Range: F4

Age: 22

Genere: Pop/Classic/Rock

Weight: 120 lb

Character Item: Lilly and a Sakura Tree Leaf

Height: 5'9" 

Birthday: Demeber 30th 

Likes: Animals, Pets, Flowers, Games, Singing, Songs, Listening to Music, Fashion, Watching anime, and Watching Horror stories on TV.

Favorite color: Pink

Relese date: January 11th, 2014

Dislikes: Pollution, Cats, Demons, Pork.

Code: 012 (UTAU)

Favorite Holidays: Halloween and Christmas

Favorite Food: Pizza and Fruit

Hair color: Pink

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Race: Half American/ Half Japanese

Voice Information:

Sung by: Ekta Sarma

Recored and edited with: Audacity

Sakura can sing High pitched and Low picthed songs. Her specialty is Pop music! Her 1st song isn't made yet! But there are rumers that World Is Mine will be her 1st song!


You aren't allowed to claim Sakura Yuri as your own! Don't take this image (but if you want to share it with people that's fine). You also cannot steal Sakura Yuris voice! It's important that you'll give us a request and we'll allow it. Please do not use her for sexual connetent! NO YURI ALLOWED! Making a MMD (Miku Miku Dance)  model is fine. Creating a hologram projection of her is fine! (We'll love it if you show it to us). Thank you :D

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