(Japanese: 猿音サミ - さるねさみ - Sarune Sami)

猿音 (Sarune; Monkey Sound) – Due to her monkey elements.
サミ (Sami) – No specific point. Comes from her creator's real nickname.

TYPE: UTAUloid / Sarumimi (猿耳) – literally meaning "monkey ears", since she's a monkey kemonomimi.
MODEL: SM-33 SM stands for sarumimi, and 33 is her lucky number. "33" can be found on her left thigh.




Sam Sarune (male counterpart by pitch manipulation)
Sutoukatsuya (stalker and "frenemy")



GENRE Any (especially softer music like acoustic, electric, pop or rock ballads) HOMEPAGE COMING SOON
WEIGHT 120 lbs (54,5 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Spray can CREATOR Sarumi (voice source, designer) (YouTube)(deviantArt)

5'15 (157 cm, she's pretty short due to her monkey genetics)


Sarumi aka Sami

BIRTHDAY August 4, 1996 (unofficial) LIKES Graffiti and street art, skateboarding, choco banana pocky, mischiefs, other monkeys MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE Coming soon DISLIKES Tomatoes, being bored, when people calls her cute, tries to boss over her and prove her wrong. SIGNATURE SONG WAVEFILE (first ACT1 demo song)

PERSONALITY: Sami is a half monkey girl (sarumimi), and her animal ears and tail only appear when she gets full of strong emotions. She likes to be creative and her biggest hobbies are street art and skateboarding. Otherwise, her personality mostly resembles the monkey's characteristics: very mischievous, curious and at times kind of naugthy. She absolutely loves playing pranks on everyone, and even though it may hurt people, it's just the way she shows that she likes the person. Don't judge her after her silly personality, though. The truth is that she's pretty intelligent, even though she's not aware of it herself and acts dumb. In contrast to the fact that she's normally very lively, she calms down whenever she sings – that's why she has more of a smoother singing voice.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light carroty, in two braids.
Headgear: Green beanie hat.
Eye color: The color switches depending on her mood – normally orange-brown.
Earphones: None, but they're said to somewhat be naturally built-in into her monkey ears. Her microphone is attached on her collar.
Dress: The color theme of her clothes is dark neon pink and lime green. Her arm warmers and kneesocks are striped in black and white. In her sarumimi form, she has two monkey ears and a long tail.
Nationality/Race: Swedish.
Catchphrase: Ukii (ウキー) The japanese interjection of monkey's sound.

Voice Configuration

The voicebank of Sami Sarune is for japanese language only, encoded in romaji, with hiragana aliases. This makes her suitable for both western and eastern users. All her samples are recorded in C4.

Please note that she's not officially released yet, but two ACT1 demo songs are available on her YouTube channel

The voicebank has been recorded once, but a newer voicebank with higher quality is under progress.

Usage Clause

  • Usage is for non-commercial purpose only.
  • Redistribution is not allowed without permission from the author.
  • Modification/alteration of the voice samples is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not claim the voicebank/character as your own.
  • Editing the oto.ini is allowed as long as it is to improve the voicebank quality. If you'd like to take that effort, it would be really appreciated if you could contact the author about it.
  • Please do not use the character, name or any art for role playing, especially not on YouTube.
  • If you use the voicebank and/or any artwork, please make sure to write 猿音サミ, Sarune Sami or Sami Sarune clearly visible into your work.


  • She actually dislikes her voice a little for being to high, making people see her as a cute little girl, which she hates. (According to ACT1 voicebank)
  • Sami's main character item is a spray can. She has a lot of spray cans in different colors and of different types. Two other things she also always carries with her, is a skateboard and a package of choco banana pocky.
  • Sutoukatsuya is a very big fanboy of her, but she detests him a lot.
  • The genderbent version of her is called Sam Sarune (猿音サム). His voice is made from Sami's voicebank using the flags g+20.

Certified true and correct by the author of Sami Sarune, Sarumi/Sami. Please do not change any info without permission. Thank you! c(・ω・)ɔ S

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