Samichi Rekune

Assassin Rekune

&nbsp Samichi Rekune

Samichi is a 25 year old guy. He hates people who acts all that or who thinks their cool. He is a Assassin Ninja some calls him a Black op assassin. He has a huge crush on Defoko Utane. When he talks to defoko he akwardly screams out "IM AN ASSASSIN!!!". He is friends with Kenta Chikune, Tony Yonne, Sora Suiga, Seiichi Kagone, Kiyoko Kagone and Makoru Nagone. He sounds alittle like Sora Suiga but he is deeper. He is quite a pervert but he doesnt realize he is. Samichi Rekune is a great fighter he really doesnt like when people talk about or hurt his friends and crush.

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