Sazaki Mei


Voice: Masami-Senpai

Reclist: VicTheLazy β

Design: Masami-Senpai

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Musical Genre: Rock/Dramatic/Calm

Weight: 36 Kg

Height: 1,56cm

Item: Sweet caramel

Birthday: 17/08

Like: Sweets and dessert

Dislikes: Meat

Creator: Masami-Senpai & VicTheLazy β

First Sample Debut date: 17/08/2014

Personality: Funny/ Cute/ Hectic

* Optimum Engine: Resampler/Fresamp/bkh01

* Optimum Flag: Y0

* Optimum Range: F3 ~ B4 (C#4)

* Optimum Accent: Japanese

Voice Demonstration:

= English = 

Thank you for your patience VicTheLazy β for helping me.'

CV Download :


- This voice bank is Full CV, was otoed and his first song was released in less than 10 minutes. 

- The list of engraving was created by VicTheLazy β is a simple list Full CV

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