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(Still drawing her picture sorry)
Personality: REALLY Nice but Stuborn, always wants to help, If you hurt one of her friends, she's dead to you. Cries a lot and has a dark side.


  • Eternity (E.T.) (Future Utau I haven't started)
  • Kagari (Future Utau I haven't started)
Backstory: She was a normal girl until she found out she had powers, she had those powers within, and she had to find her 4 other friends to complete the group and unleash their ultimate power and save the world ^o^
Power: Love Fire

Appearance Information:

Hair color: Light Brown with a bit of red
Skin Color: Pale
Eye color: Brown/Reddish Brown
Earphones: Pink with a purple "08" in the Center
Outfit: Top part of her outfit is white with a heart design, followed by a pink plaided skirt that has a white skirt over on her back and side part with little pink hearts at the bottom. Her skirts connect with her top making it a dress. Her leggings pop out at the top like two rectangles and she has her sleeves sticking out at the end. (Still deciding what types of shoes she will have)
Nationality/Race: American/Hispanic

(Japanese Hiragana Voice Bank Coming Out Soon)

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