(Japanese: 世代音万里 - せだいね・まり - Sedaine Mari )


世代音 (Sedaine) - "Generation Sound."

万里 (Mari) - "Long Distance."

TYPE: AGELOID - Refers to her ability to shift between two ages.

MODEL: 22-12 - Refers to her two set ages.

AGE 22

(ADULT age)
(YOUNG age)

GENRE Pop and Ballad HOMEPAGE Official WebsiteTwitter

Voice Provider's YouTube

WEIGHT Private CHARACTER ITEM Classic Magician's Wand, Playing Cards CREATOR Sedaine Mari Project
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS ADULT height: 5'8" (173cm)

YOUNG height: 5'0" (152cm)

VOICE SOURCE shiiki PICTURE LINK LIST miburi's DeviantArt Gallery
BIRTHDAY Day: 03 August

Year: Unknown

LIKES Magic tricks, clocks, pastries MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE 03 August 2015 DISLIKES Bananas, hot weather ILLUSTRATOR miburi
PERSONALITY: None set, up to interpretation.
ABOUT: Mari is a magician who has the ability to shift back and forth ten years in time and therefore possesses two voices: ADULT and YOUNG. Because of her ability to shift through time she never ages, but Mari sees this as a curse.

Supplemental Information


Image by miburi

Hair: Orange, with some gold highlights towards the tips. Style is short with two longer locks at the front and a fringe. As a child, her hair is in short shoulder length bunches.

Headgear: None.

Eye Colour: Fuchsia/dark pink.

Clothing: Dark red long top with flared sleeves cut just above the wrists. A white high collar displays almost no skin of her neck, with two gold buttons doing up the top. The bottom of the top has several flares and two long flares at the back that resemble a tailcoat. Long black leggings and red high heels. As a child, this is exactly the same, with the removal of the tailcoat-looking flares at the back and flat, sensible red shoes.

Nationality: Japanese, though she has French roots.

Catchphrase: "Who needs spells when I can dazzle ya with what's right up my sleeve?"

Voice Configuration

Mari is currently designed primarily for Japanese language use, but has some English support in the form of "L" sounds.

Her voicebanks can be downloaded from her official site.

To get her ADULT voice, the flag g+15 (up to g+20 as necessary) should be applied.

Please credit anything you make with the voicebank with the name Sedaine Mari (世代音万里).

Terms of Use

Sedaine Mari is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license can be found in the Terms of Use set out by the Sedaine Mari Project.

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