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Seiteki Kino

  • [Seiteki Kino ] [Japanese: 静的電力 Static Power]
  • 静的 - Static
  • {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px; "

|- ! scope="col"|Name: Seiteki Kino ! scope="col"|Type: UTAUbot ! scope="col"|Number: 015 ! scope="col"|VOICE SOURCE:Darky-san |- |VOCAL RANGE: A3-F5 |Genre: Pop, Pop Rock |Related Charachters: Raimu Iro |Species: Artificial Intelligence/ AI |- | AGE: 8 |Height: 4'10 |Weight: 45 lbs. |Birthday: November 14, 2004 |- |Charachter Item: Starfruit |Likes: Starfruit, Videogames, Italy |Dislikes: Ritsu Namine |Release Date:March 27, 2014 |- | Signature Songs: You Tried (link not available)

Childish War |Creator: Sofiichan |Channel: Sofiichan's Youtube Channel |Catchphrase: "Peasant, bow down" |}

Psychical Charachteristics

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Natural Eye : Blood red, Bionic: Brilliant Blue

Hairstyle: High ponytail, with long side bangs, and curl hair.

Hat: Blue baseball cap.

Standard outfit: A lycra black top, with a piano patterened tie. Musical clef arm warmers, and short dark grey skirt, with red lining. Red headset covering left ear.

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