Seito Kasane


Name: Seito Kasane

Age: 30

Relatives: Teto Kasane (Older sister), Deito Kasane (Younger sister), Weito Kasane (Older sister), Ruko Yokune (Best Friend), Yeito Kasane (Younger sister), Heito Kasane (Older sister), Geito (Older sister), Ted Kasane (Older brother), Neko Kasane (Cat-like younger sister), Sakeito Kasane (Twin sister), 

Gender: Female

Voice Source: Konata Izumi

Likes: Playing with her sisters, Being funny, playing video games

Dislikes: People getting on her nerves, being teased and made fun of

Voice Range: 24-56

Weight: 56kg

Height: 5"4

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