Senei-Ka Toge

Sharpened Thorn
TYPE: Poisiloid
GENDER Hermaphrodite

(83% Female, 17% Male)

VOICE RANGE Senei-Ka Toge's range is not defined RELATED
Senei-Ka Toge has no relationships
AGE She is immortal and looks 23, but is actually 69,034 years old GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT She's as light as a feather! CHARACTER ITEM Rose CREATOR Ebflover777
HEIGHT 6 foot 9 VOICE SOURCE Ebflover777 PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY April 20 LIKES Humans, gossip, flowers MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE September 4, 2016 DISLIKES weeds, drugs(Despite her birthday), and roaches SIGNATURE SONG Assault Mirage-Sings Lapis's Part
ADDITIONAL INFO: A goddess which represents social anxiety and flowers.


A green wisp with green leaves in the shape of a messy bob and red flower petals for a bikini. Also has sticks for wings.

Senei-Ka Toge Art

Voice Download

Japanese + SOME Chinese phonemes (ROMAJI):

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