Sensei pic

Sensei (Satoshi Ivaschenko)


(Japanese: 先生 センセイ - Sensei)

NAME INTERPRETATION: センセイ or  先生 (Sensei; '''Teacher )

TYPE: UTAU, KASSYDloid (refering to my 6 UTAUs.)
MODEL: 04 (this number is located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull)

Jonetsune Kosuke (Friend)

Jonetsune Daisuke (Friend)

Angel Red  (Partner)

Yuki Kwon  (Friend)

Sonny Belgrave (The annoying one)

AGE 28
WEIGHT 150lb//68kg CHARACTER ITEM Cigarettes, a red biro and a black biro CREATOR


HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 6'1"//185cm VOICE SOURCE Personal Friend of mine CONCEPT ART



31st ‎December


Angello, Spring, Fire(he's not a pyromaniac, he just kinda likes it's warmth), Teaching(He is a teacher...), ....Angello's baking...




30th August 2015

DISLIKES Sonny Belgrave, Mangoes(he's allergic to them; he goes into anaphylactic shock where usually only his throat swells if he eats them), Thunder and Lightning(he fears it), people that interrupt, people that hurt Angel in ANY way. SIGNATURE SONG & GENRE

None; I leave it to you guys to see what he sounds good singing.

PERSONALITY: Kuudere (to everyone [he's quite a bit softer towards Angello])

Sensei is quite helpful, business-like, quite aloof and dismissive at times and can be easily embarrassed about some things; NOT ALL..! But some...

Other Notes:

He has the ability to heal people(not as well as Angello), Teleport(looks like how nightcrawler teleports i.e. black and white smoke. Look here to see what I mean: Teleport), and he has the ability to transform into a black bodied, crimson haired Japanese Dragon that resembles Haku from spirited Away; only a bit more muscular, red eyed with green flecks in his irises and with a jagged scar just above where his heart is on his chest where he got struck by lightning when flying and came crashing down to the ground(this scar shows on him in his human form too, it is also the reason why he's short sighted and why he fears Thunder and Lightning as he nearly died from the lightning strike)


Sensei used to be an evil Dragon Obake but he ended up running away because of hating being made to cause pain and suffering to innocent people under the rule of Satan/Hades. When he'd ask his fellow demons why they hurt people and if they ever thought about these people being in pain, they laughed and said it's "part of who they are" and that him asking that was "like asking why hell is full of fire" "that's just how it is" they concluded. Back when he was in hell, Sensei had a girlfriend and her name was Ingrid Cohern. This was the other half of the reason he ran away because; 1) Sensei is gay, but at that time, he didn't want to believe that and so he reluctantly stayed with her, and 2) Ingrid was far too dominant for Sensei, to a point where she would beat and attack him when she didn't get "her way" or "what she wanted"; of course he would attack back in self defence but she would just pull the abuse card on him saying things such as, "how could you hurt a woman?!"

Sensei chose to leave hell completely on a dangerously stormy and rainy night mainly so that no-one heard or saw him leave, but someone did; Ingrid. She shouted to draw the attention of her fellow demons and of Satan and so Satan gave them the order to pursue Sensei, though during this time Ingrid had other ideas; she snuck out too and went into hiding in the human world to be able to one day track down Sensei and make his life a living hell.(...nopunintended) As soon as Sensei realised he was being chased, he transformed into his dragon form and flew away quickly into the stormy sky over a forest, but demons were still chasing him. He had to try and dodge their attacks mid-flight for a while but it wasn't enough; one demon caught his tail and slowed him down and then, "CRACK!!" a huge lightning strike came down and hit a tree and Sensei in the heart on it's way down. Needless to say he fell to the forest floor like a rock and didn't get up. The demons came down to ground level and took his pulse. "Dead." said one of them and so they all left him and went back to inform Satan who called off the pursuit saying "He's useless anyway! I don't care whether he lives or dies just leave him there; he betrayed us all!!"

Even though when most people heard Sensei falling to the ground they thought it was a tree, there was one person who knew it was no mere 'tree' falling in the woods; that was Kosuke. She left the house prepared to carry someone or something back home and found the half dead Sensei, face down in the mud in his human form (he'd changed back automatically). She carried him over her shoulder and hurried all the way back home, woke up Angello and brought Sensei to him and said "Help me save him... Please..?!" with a desperate look on her face. Angello did what he could to stabilize Sensei's condition and let him sleep. Angello stayed by Sensei's bedside all night, was woken up in the morning(after accidently falling asleep) by Yuki, assessing the situation at hand and asking if Angello wanted him to pick up some treatments for Sensei's burn whilst he was out shopping for things; Angello sent Yuki off with a small list of things to get and waited another 2 hours until Sensei finally awoke.

Sensei groaned, turned from his back onto his left side and fully opened his eyes; the fuzzy, blurry sight of the large bed and cosy bedroom he was in startled him because he knew he landed in the mud in the forest. He jumped and sat bolt upright thinking he was being tricked, that he was back in hell. He tried to get up but Angello held him back and said "No! You still have to rest!", Sensei still not seeing Angello's face yet, shrugged him off his shoulders and just as he was about to get out of bed, Angello sternly grabbed Sensei by his neck and turned him so that they were both face to face, and Angello said, "Listen to me! You're safe here, don't be afraid! Kosuke found you half dead in the forest and brought you here so I could heal you; we don't want to hurt you! The burn on your chest has not yet healed so please stay where you are..! You need to rest."

It finally clicked; THIS was the person Sensei had always dreamed of having. He was so caring and those eyes! Even though his lightning ordeal had made his long range sight a blurry mess; Sensei was happy that his short range sight allowed him to see Angello's strawberry blonde hair and rose petal pink eyes perfectly, in all its glory.

All Sensei could do was stare at this stunning sight helplessly... Until Kosuke who had been in the room the whole time poped up and said, "...His eyes just dialated when he looked at you huh, Angel..?" with her inquisitive face on. Flustered, Sensei just looked down to the left and eventually turned away. Angello couldn't help but find this cute and offered to stay and talk with Sensei to keep him company whilst he got better. Then Daisuke walked in, yawn stretched and said sleepily, "Morning everyone~! How's everyone's day been so faaa---- ....Holy shit, is everything OK?! ...Who's this? Is he hurt?!" Kosuke just rolled her eyes laughing and said "come on 'lil bro, I think we should leave these two alone~!" as she escorted him out of the room.

Visual Description

Hair: Short, brunette hair usually combed back (sometimes he has it down but even then the only hair that hangs loose is his side bangs that he usually brushes back).

Eyes: Forest Green.

Color Scheme: Blue, Red, Black, White, Brown.

Neck Wear: Crimson coloured tie.

Top: Blue suit jacket with a white long sleeve shirt underneath.

Arm Wear/Nails: N/A

Trousers: Blue suit trousers and a brown belt.

Footwear: Brown, leather dress shoes with black soles.

Headphones: One round, black ear clip with a built-in microphone on the left side of his head.

Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Tatto of a Dragon around a ying yang symbol with some japanese writing over it on the right side of his back.

Nationality: British/Japanese/Russian

For a better idea of how he looks, follow this link:

Character Art

Voicebank Download


As I've found whilst making Sensei, he is (to some extent) quite a difficult UTAU to use and work with; i.e. you WILL find it hard to use him (and make him sound good) if you DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE PITCH BENDS OR VIBRATO VERY WELL. If you DO however know how to pitch bend and tune UTAUs, then you'll be just fine in terms of stress levels when using him~! ( ;^_^)>

Link to Voicebank Download

His voicebank's syllables are encoded in Romaji and aliased in Hiragana.

Terms of Use

1) Do NOT claim Sensei's voicebank as your own.

2) Please don't use his voicebank commercially.

3) Don't redistrubute, edit or create Fanloids of his voicebank in any way, shape, or form. 

4) Draw as much fanart of him as you want but when using him in "more adult stuff", please follow the rules I have left in his "readme" file on UTAU. NO R18 CONTENT IS ALLOWED TO BE MADE WITH THIS CHARACTER OR HIS VOICE.

5) You don't have to ask me to use him for a song. Please let me see the outcome though! X3

6) NO MAKING HIM SING SONGS LIKE "GIGANTIC OTN"!!! DX (I might allow some negotiation if it's for April Fool's day or you've found a song is quite like "Gigantic OTN" but it's not as brash and you still want him to sing it. Talk to me on my dA about it; I'll be happy to help. ^_^)

7) Please don't make him sing or say anything rude or offensive directed at anyone; though I doubt anyone will... (this includes religions, races, genders, sexualities, etc.)

8) Please don't RP him at any point, ever.

9) Please do NOT change his physical appearance, ever. Please don't change his clothing or hairstyle unless it is to suit a certain song.

10) When uploading anything with Sensei in it, Please don't forget to tag the upload with "Sensei".

Other than that, Enjoy! =3

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