Saeko is a very quiet but mature and well mannered girl who frequently has neck and back pains due to looking down at her peers... Literally... Once she gets to know you, she becomes very sarcastic (Her favorite phrase is 'Nihongo-o-hanashimasen', which means 'I don't speak Japanese' in Japanese. She says this sarcastically because she only knows Japanese). She is very protective of her stuff, and doesn't like sharing her food or drinks, especially her Bubble Tea (if she has it). She is also protective of her friends from Kura Inc.


Saeko is distributed by Kura Inc, an UTAU team (more like duo as of now) that makes UTAUloids with unique personalities. You can tell if someone is on the team if the have ___ + kura. Almost all her relationships are of UTAU being made/who were made within the team.

Kura Inc Related:

Michiko Toshiro: Best friend + part of Kura Inc. Michiko bosses her around, to whom of which Saeko finds hilarious since Michiko is super short compared to her. Other than that, they are extremely close friends and you almost never see one of them without the other.

NEOkane: Friend/Food buddy + part of Kura Inc. She doesn't really like how NEOkane gets mad so easily, but one of their favorite activities to do together is to lounge around and eat what they raided from the cabinets.

SAKAROU: Mother-son like relationship + part of Kura Inc. They are grateful for each other, but SAKAROU sometimes doesn't like how overprotective Saeko is of him. Besides that, SAKAROU is really glad to have Saeko to look out for him.

Seimei Taikou: Daughter figure + part of Kura Inc. Seimei and SAKAROU are the only ones who appreciate Saeko for taking care of them, and she absolutely loves it. She also loves how Seimei calls her 'mom' sometimes, and it puts her in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Eimin Taikou: Close friend + part of Kura Inc. Saeko and Eimin are extremely close and have each other's backs, like when Eimin pretends to be her lover when someone is acting inappropriate towards Saeko or when Saeko goes out of her way to buy Eimin more cigarettes even though she hates it when he smokes. The others in Kura Inc have noticed that they seemed a little closer lately, though...

Outside Kura Inc:

Miku Hatsune: Wishes to be as famous as her. She actually met Michiko at one of her concerts

Teto Kasane: Dislikes her voice/love of bread and can't stand it when people talk about how "good" she is at singing.

Tei Sukone: Wishes to duet with her. Saeko thinks Tei has a cute voice.

Kagamine Twins: Dislikes Rin. Len reminds her of Sakarou, so she doesn't hate him as much.

More information

  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Skin: Fair (has 19151115 tattooed under her right eye)
  • Eyes, light brown with gold around the pupil
  • Accessories (head): A tiny black top hat with a red ribbon
  • Clothes: A white male's button down with a collar with a tie covered by a red vest, black, short pencil skirt with a slit in the side that can be zipped up or down, is zipped about 3/4, black, sheer thigh high socks and black heels
  • Accessories (clothes): A golden badge on her right breast that says 'UTAU' on it
  • Headphones: Has a pair of plain black headphones with a microphone that she rarely wears unless she really needs to


Rules for Saeko Serinne

  1. You may edit her oto.ini, but do not redistribute the oto.ini or her voicebank.
  2. R-18 artwork is allowed UNLESS it is offensive to religion, race, LGBTAQ+, etc.
  3. Please ask the creator if you want to use her in commercial use.
  4. Do not sell/use/keep Saeko's design or voicebank as your own.
  5. Please ask the creator if you want to roleplay as Saeko.
  6. Please ask the creator if you want to use her in a explicit song.
  7. Please ask the creator if you want to use Saeko in a story or fanfiction, especially if it is explicit.
  8. Redesign ideas and fanart is allowed if you follow the second rule.
  9. Please do not pitch Saeko's voicebank.
  10. If you want to use her in a Talkloid, be sure to contact the creator if she is playing a big part. Please also ask if the Talkloid isn't pg-13 (The creator loves Talkloids :D)


Saeko Serinne Trivia:

  • Saeko can be extremely flirty, though it is extremely rare. She's been successful with everyone she flirted with.
  • She is the creator's second UTAU, the first one was unintentionally too similar to another one with the same first name.
  • Saeko's voicebank was originally for the other UTAU, but since the UTAU was scrapped, the creator made a new UTAU.
  • Possible designs for Saeko were ganguro and ghostly designs.
  • Possible names for Saeko were Hatsuyume and Fuyu Dai.
  • Saeko frequently gets neck pains from looking down at people.
  • She despises jewelry. To be more specific, she hates necklaces the least and bracelets the most.
  • Saeko has an unknown age, but always mentions she isn't in highschool but wouldn't be out of college. The creator depicts her as being a late teen, more specifically 19.
  • The reason Saeko is so protective of her friends is because the characters of Kura Inc don't have parents. She wants to be a parent figure for them so they can see they have someone to talk to.

Creator (Cherkura) Trivia:

  • Cherkura is obsessed with Maretu and GHOST. She plans on making Saeko sing Happy Days, Eraser Girl, Brain Revolution Girl, and The Distortionist.
  • She got the idea for Saeko when wanting to make a flight attendant type character.
  • Cherkura was going to make a Korean voicebank out of her voice, but can't find a good Korean rec-list. The UTAU would be named MaengV1.
  • The name 'Cherkura' is a mix of 'cherry' and 'sakura'. The creator thought of this when they needed a name for Twitter.
  • Cherkura uses the word 'weeaboo' very lightly when talking about herself.
  • Cherkura is trilingual. She natively speaks English, is learning Spanish in school, and can hold a decent 3 minute conversation in Japanese.
  • If the creator had to choose a favorite Vocaloid, it would be V4 Flower. If they had to choose a favorite append out of all Vocaloids, they would choose Hatsune Miku Solid.
  • If Cherkura had to choose a favorite UTAUloid, it would be Makne Nitton. Chekura considers Kai Kim to be her favorite male UTAUloid, and Yamine Renri to be her favorite female UTAUloid.
  • She is in love with Danganronpa. She makes jokes about one of the characters, Chihiro Fujisaki, being her son and call him Cheerio. She also makes Atua jokes.


Saeko Serinne (CV Act 1)

Voicebank is in Romaji, with no Hiragana alias. Feel free to add an alias if you need to, but do not violate any rules. There also happen to be really random files I decided to never take out. Have fun!

Saeko Serinne (VCV Act 1) (RECOMMENDED)

Voicebank is coded in Hiragana with a Romaji alias. There is staticy noise in the background of some files, which goes away when using the flags Y0H0 and/or putting it to music. Some otoing may be incorrect or weird, but it's extremely easy to fix yourself. Voice is lower than the CV voicebank she has, so switching between the two won't sound the best. There may be some oto and mispronunciation issues. Have fun!

QnA (Answered by Cherkura)

May I use Saeko personally?

Of course!

I want to upload something with Saeko's voicebank/appearance in it. Is this okay?

Yes, as long as you put her in the description or title, and credit me in the description.

I found a bug in Saeko's voicebank/oto!

Message me on Deviantart about it. My username is SaekoUTAU.

Do I need to follow the rules?


Do I have to be good at UTAU to use Saeko?

No, but she won't sound as nice.

Why doesn't Saeko sound nice with this UST?

First, you need to do this button combo on the top right. It's Reset, ACPT, P2P3, ACPT. You may have to do some manual adjustments to the pitches in the UST.

How do you mix?

Look it up. I'm not good at it.