01kuro and shadow by shadowstar1021-d77iy9m

Shadow is the female in the back, the male in the front is her Twin Brother, Kuro.

WynturStorm: "I have no idea what I'm even doing."

Shadow: "Just go with it."

Kuro:".......Good Luck Master."


Name: Shadow Utanen

Name interpretation: Shadow- Voice Provider's nickname. Utanen- Uta- Song
Jitter Doll UTAU Shadow Utanen04:01

Jitter Doll UTAU Shadow Utanen


. ne-sound and the N at the end. Shadow Song sound

resembles the Voice Provider's last name, which also ends in a N.


Model: 01 (On her left breast.)

Gender: Female

Related Characters: Kuro Utanen (Twin brother.), Star Utanen (Younger sister),  Neko Utanen (Younger brother.),Snow Utanen  (Older sister.), Storm Otone (Best friend.). (Fellow SHASTALOIDS,  Neko isn't released yet.)

Age: 16

Genre: Ballad


Weight: 110lb

Character Item: Vanilla Cake

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: 5"6'

Voice Source: Shadowstar1021 on Youtube.

Picture link List:deviantart

Birthday: April 20

Likes: To draw, sing, dance, write songs, play, read. The color grey.

Media List: youtube

Release Date: May 8, 2013

Dislikes: annoying people, People she feels is better than her. Any other UTAULOID that aren't family or really close friends. (She feels they are all better than her.) storms (Not Storm..) When the power goes out. Viruses, the computer crashing. Losing things. Homework. Not being the center of attention. Miku... She hates Miku.....A form of jealousy.

Signature Song: Jitter Doll

Personality: Shadow is a loving and sweet young lady. She really isn't all that known for talking, but loves to sing. She is her twin brother's complete opposite. She is rather quiet and most people don't notice her. She also feels everyone and everything is better than her. Thus she created a "Self Centered" attitude for herself as an attempt to make herself seem better in her mind. She absoulutely hates anyone she feels is better than her. Anyone. She is made very jealous when Kuro or Star get more attention than her. She never disobeys an order. (A song request.) Unless it is out of her voice range/setting.

Voice Configuration




ACT 03 CV (JPN) includes new, and several new samples.

ACT 04 CV (JPN) Shadow and Kuro ACT 04 release

ACT 05 CV (JPN) .Shadow   


JPN CV ACT 05 May be Shadow's final ACT if I like it enough. Of Course her English will be improved and her POWER Append. 

VOICE RANGE: Alto, C4 to C5. 

She has a bit of difficulties handling higher notes. She is also very airy at times. With the right flags she will work just fine.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Red-brown, with a black streak in the bangs. Her hair comes past her shoulder to her upper back, it a pears to be really messt for the most part.

Append: Red hair that gradually fades out to black. Goes to about mid back. Black streak in the bangs.

Headgear: Usually a black, grey, and white headset. She usually doesn't wear them. But she does have them.

Append: None.

Eye color: Golden brown.

Append: Red.

Headphones: Black, grey and white headset. Usually....

Append: None

Dress: A white short sleeved shirt, tucked into dark greyish black skirt that goes to her mid thigh. Dark grey tights that go little above her knees, past her finger tips with both arms by her sides. A medium grey belt that reaches from her hips to about mid waist and no shoes.

Append: A sleeveless, turtleneck like black crop top.  Wide red belt with sound waves wrapping around her waist. Black short shorts. No shoes. Black detached sleeves, they are red closer to her shoulder with sound waves wrapping a cross her arms. Both sides. She also has sound waves on her sides. They extend from her under arms to her ankles. Then they wrap around her ankle. They also are on her arms. From about her ears to her wrists

Nationality/Race: American Shastaloid.

Favorite phrase: "Yeah, sure, whatever you say." Shadow is rather playful. But some what uptight. She enjoys having fun to an extent.... 

(Better Art work to come soon. :3 please do not edit unless you are willing to help me with the format!!!! :3


Usage and Rules

Shadow can be very subborn if you are not used to her. She also has a very soft voice, so she sings softer songs best. ACT 01 lacks a few samples (Such as her "V"s). ACT 02 and 03 still don't have these samples. I will record them when I do ACT 05. COMPLETE

Do not use her for Political, religous, or any offencive content.

Non-Comercial purposes only. 

Make sure all fanart for her is appropriate for all ages. No "Mature" stuff.

Do not claim her as your own or I will find you. When I am done, not even your dog will recongize you. Not a threat, a promise. 

I hope you can enjoy her and her voice as much as I do. Have a nice day.

All the imformation above is accurate as of Augest 2nd, 2013. 


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