Sharion is currently a WIP and will continue to improve with time.


Full Name: Sharion 

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weight: 121 Lb.

Height: 5'3"

Birthday: 7/8/13

Character Item: Cloudberries on stem

Character Colors: White and Wine Red

Hair Color: Lemonaid Pink

Eye Color: Midnight Blue

Best Range: C4/C3

Creator: BattleAxePirate/Elichia Rae

Signature Song: N/A

Related Characters: Utatane Piko (crush), Jei Crepene & Megpoid Gumi (idols), Nekomura Iroha (secret rival)


Likes: fast music, dancing, hyper personalities, fruit (specifically berries), bright lights, bears

Dislikes: Sour things, quiet people, school work, shell fish, sad songs

Favorite Color: wine red/warm colors

Personality: High energy and shameless. To someone who doesn't know her she might seem careless. She is constantly moving about or fidgiting. Her stomach is a black hole and she eats a lot, but never really gains any weight. She loves Finland, and tries to sing in Finnish but it's never quite right, however she will never give up! By herself, Sharion is actually quite derpy.

Top Two Recent Videos

【UTAU Newcomer】 Insanity Lullaby 【Sharion】00:53

【UTAU Newcomer】 Insanity Lullaby 【Sharion】

rushed debut ^-^'

Backstory (please edit to keep the wiki active)

Sharion was a unicorn in a past life.

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